WEEK 5 | One Room Ch..


In the home stretch now….

Cover Girl

St. Louis Magazine Oct 2014

Gracing the cover of St. Louis Magazine’s October issue.

WEEK 4 | One Room Ch..

Jerssie D Miller One Room Challenge Art Selections

Abstract. Leopard print. Adidas. Graffiti Girl.

WEEK 3 | One Room Ch..

Modern History

Black, brass, and burl. This is my life.

WEEK 2 | One Room Ch..


This. Is. Hard.

Spooky Haunted Mansi..


Creepy, chic Halloween decor.

Week 1 | One Room Ch..

Fuller 1

What have I gotten myself into?

Merchandise Mart


Visiting my favorite Designer Showrooms in person – for the first time.

Lamp Love


A Serge Mouille inspired addition to my casa.