{Saturday Soiree Style} It’s Pumpkin Carving Season Y’all!!

Hello lovies! I am oh-so-happy that it is officially my favorite month of the year~October! I love the changing temperatures, beautiful foliage, baseball playoffs (!), but most importantly~Halloween is coming! So get ready for a few weeks of Soiree Style inspired by my favorite day of the year, October 31st!

I recommend having your pals over for a Pumpkin Carving party. If everyone brings their own pumpkin and a dish, it is really affordable for the host. It also gives me an excuse to make up all of my favorite Halloween goodies. Anyone recall my pumpkin pizza? Let’s just say it looks better than it tastes. Anyhow…..I always like to be extra cutsey and make serving dishes or drink coolers out of carved pumpkins! Here is the trick darlings….PUT A BOWL IN THE PUMPKIN! It saves you from having a soggy mess on your kitchen counter! You can also then reuse the pumpkin and make a jack-o-lantern for your porch!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and Go Cardinals! XO~JD

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