{Saturday Soiree Style} Wine Tasting with a Chalkboard!

Want an easy and fun way to host a wine paring party?! Use a chalkboard as an over-sized tray to host all the yummy treats. Cleanup is a breeze, and it creates a casual approach for your not-so-wine-savvy guests. It’s great for autumn seasoned get-together as the chalkboard creates a Back-to-School vibe. Just place it on your dining room table or kitchen island, and label everything right on the board. Stack small plates, napkins, and glasses (I would use small tumblers instead of wine glasses, they look so cute stacked!) on either side and then just get to eatin’ and drinkin’! If you want to be really festive (which why wouldn’t you?!) give all of your guests take home gifts of small composition notebooks and pencils to take notes on the pairings. That way they can actually remember what they liked! Have fun and make sure to invite me!


XO ~ J-Fab

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