{Monday Morning Motivation} Birds of a Feather…Come Hither…

I’ve been into feathers for a minuet now, however, I’m now craving something even MORE dramatic.  Maybe it was the popularity of fabulous feathered clutches,

Maybe it was the Thanksgiving Headdresses,  or maybe I’m just following my usual habits of taking thinks to the extremes.  Whatever it was that caused it, now nothing can stop me from daydreaming of having my very own pet peacock. Except I want mine to be deceased and stuffed.  Yes folks, I am now into taxidermy.  Don’t hate!  Check out these gorgeous photos and try to tell me they aren’t FEROCIOUSLY FABULOUS!

So do could you please tell Santa that this year I would like an all white feathered friend?  I will keep him safe and sound next to an antique gold mirror to admire his magnificent tail all day long in a room covered with spectacular black, Art-Deco, patterned wallpaper.  K, thanks. XO~JD

[All images via my Pintrest]


  1. I agree, the peacocks are spectacular and so is your eye for design. Thanks Design Dare Devil!

  2. I just sent my cousin this post. She loves peacocks and dressed up as one for Halloween. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loving yours.



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