{Stylin’ n’ Profilin’} NYE Outfit Stressin’

The big ball drop is this Saturday night, and I don’t know what to wear.

I’m officially Outfit Stressin.

I was gonna rock a long-sleeved-gold-sequin cocktail dress in attempts to channel one of my all time favorite looks:  Anne Hathaway at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Obviously my life isn’t glamorous enough to require a full-length, sequin gown (oh how I wish it was though!) so I thought I would hunt down a short one similar to my beloved Balmain dresses.

Oh lordy.  I love those dresses so, very much. Especially the black and gold chevron print one that Jess is rockin.  I’ve been on the hunt for a rockin, gold-sequin, high neck, long sleeve, short dress that might capture the Balmain spirit.  I’ve found a few….

These are cute, but compared to the BEAUTIFUL Balmains, they look pretty sad.  Plus I’m sure every lady up in the club will be sportin sequins, and ya know JD Mills can’t be like everyone else.  So I decided to save my sparkle for another night (trust me, I can come up with reasons to to dress up  for any sort of occasion) and go a completely different route.   This is my new inspiration picture….

Ohmygoodness do I think a chick in a tux is HOT!?! I love how this lady looks.  Now, don’t get too excited. I’m even less likely to invest in a tuxedo than I am in Anne Hathaway’s  Golden Globes dress.  But I have been pulling items to create a look inspired by the idea.  Things were going fairly well until I was shopping for nail polish at Walmart, minding my own business, and I came across this…WTF?  Kourtney Kardashian went and jocked my style before I even had a chance to kiss someone at midnight. Blah. This was the exact look I created for NYE and now I feel like its super lame. Then to cap it all off, I saw this:What the hell?  How does a family that is so annoying get all of the good fashion?  Don’t you people have enough?   Just let me have my lady-in-tuxedo moment!

So, point of the story is, I still don’t know what I’m gonna wear.  What about you?  What will you be sporting while ringing in 2012?


[Images Via my Pintrest]


  1. I’m kind of stressin’ too. I just picked up an adorable little dress yesterday (on sale!) and at first was kind of wondering if it wasn’t sparkly enough (it has no sequins, just an amazing color and shape!), but now I’m thinking that you’re right — I’ll stand out from the crowd!

    Hope you figure out your dress sitch. Have a wonderful new year!

  2. You would look stunning in anything! Have so much fun! Oh, I decided to keep my Kourtney Kardasian look!

  3. I’m stressing on accessories! Wearing sequined pants, but how over the top can I go? love the tux look, you will look so fab in it! Happy New Year!

  4. Ohhhh sequin pants! Love! Black? I do like a black turtleneck or white, collared, button down. Or go crazy and wear leopard print or something nutty! You will be a stunner! Have fun! XO~JD

  5. Annefleur says:


    can you tell me where you got that photo with the lady in the tuxedo? I absolutly love it and i’m trying to get something like that for my exam party!


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