{Saturday Soiree Style} Black and White Table Toppin’

My best friend is getting married next weekend!  Her and her soon-to-be husband decided to get married on Christmas and she has literally planned the entire wedding on her own within the past few weeks.   She is a better woman than I am for enduring so much stress in the name of love.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love love!  But let’s be honest, I’m about as likely to plan a wedding  as I am to plan a hiking trip.  Nonetheless, when you are constantly discussing wedding details, as a girl you can’t help but think about what you would do if it was your own day (does that make me completely self-centered?)  Alls I knows is it would involve plenty of food, plenty of wine, and plenty of Black and White. So today I bring you some of my favorite Black and White tablescapes that would be lovely to gather round and enjoy plenty of food, drink, and laughs.  

What do you think?  All Black and White or add a pop of color?  If color, what color would you use?

Happy Saturday lovers!


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  1. Love b&w with a pop of color – classic!

  2. All black and white with a few neon pops would be cool!

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