{Talk-It-Out Thursday}

I have always preferred to be the most over dressed person in the room instead of being under dressed.  There are just way to many beautiful clothes and shoes out there to wear a boring outfit.  I respect that not everyone shares my sentiments, but I can not handle going to a wedding or the theater and spotting someone rocking jeans, shorts, or……………gasp………….flip flops!  Honey, I’m no snob, but come on, you gotta get your outfit straight.  I find it to be disrespectful.  Besides, life is way too short and there are way too many beautiful heels to waste your days tramplin around wearing ugly footwear.  

A fabulous ensemble would absolutely be in order if I was invited over to this chic space.  Lately I have been LOVING black and white abstract artwork (article coming in the near future!).  Seeing an over-sized piece displayed over a beautiful coral colored wall makes me happy. I also like the zebra print chair sitting nest next to the art work, because what could be better than one black and white stripped pattern? Two black and white stripped patterns!!!   Now lets just hope my stilettos don’t get tangled up in that shag rug cause I ain’t trying to spill red wine on someone’s white couch.


[Images Via my Pintrest]


  1. Oh gwad, I know. I saw some dude wear a T-shirt to a wedding and I wanted to be like, who the hell raised you? It seems like it makes perfect logic. A wedding is something special. Don’t wear something you’d wear to watch football.

  2. I agree…always better to be over dressed! I felt constantly overdressed when I was in small town ks for the past two years. So good to be back in Atlanta.
    🙂 Anna

  3. Totally agree, way too many cute shoes to be wearing flip flops or crappy shoes, to anything (except the beach)! i would also rather be over-dressed than under-dressed. And what’s up with hairstylists wearing flip flops to work all the time…just saying…

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