My Design Skills, Inspired by Cozamia

As soon as I saw the colorful and organic prints created by Nancy over at Cozamia, I was completely smitten. I love visiting her blog, its always filled with fabulous color and feel good images.  Recently she went on a trip to  Costa Rica and was inspired to produce this beautiful print… 

The pattern is based on the Strelitzia flower, AKA the Bird of Paradise.  Whatever you call it, I want it.  And I want to design a beautiful room for it.

Ta Da! Here is my inspiration board for what I’m thinking…

To create this room, you first need to buy the print as soon as its on sale.  Go HERE to see all of the gorge ones that are available in the meantime.

Next I would add, what else, a black and white striped area rug?!  Ya’ll know I loves me some black and white stripes!

This one is a great deal from Crate and Barrel, a 5’x8′ size is $149. With so much pattern going on already, I want a crisp, white couch to keep the space from being too cray cray…..  I love the traditional Chesterfield-ish style of rolled arms, exposed nail-heads, and a tufted seat.  This $1,299.00 Oscar Sofa brings it all together but stays modern.  To bring out the pink in the print, I’m plopping two of these super fab Trina Turk throw pillows on the sofa for $98 a piece.

This could quite possibly be the most perfect coffee table for my pretend space! Glass top means no visual weight, while the gold gilded leggies add a luxe feel and their shape reminds me of some crazy, exotic animal. Totally ties in with the Bird of Paradise print, boom! The bidding starts at $9,800! No big deal, right?  Sheesh…

To style such a posh coffee table, only the most luxurious candles will do.  I suppose you must have a Diptyque and I would try the scent Mimosa for $60.00.  Drinking Mimosas makes me happy so I bet smelling one would be nice as well.

My all time favorite flowers are simple, bright pink roses.  Did you know you can get flowers delivered from Costco? 100 roses for $89.99! Romance in bulk ya’ll!

As I sit near all of these beautiful things I would flip through the pages of, Poolside with Slim Aarons.  I am so obsessed with his work and want this book so I can stare at the images for hours.  Much chicer than staring at Pintrest for hours, no?Get it at Amazon for $53.55

When my friends come to visit they will curl up in one of my two $1,299.00 teal leather Eddie Chairs.  That color is on point right now and its a perfect compliment to the print.  To die for.  I want em NOW.To tie the chairs in with the print even more, and to balance the pink pillows on the sofa, I will add one of these Trina Turk throw pillows to each chair.  They are $129 a pop, but how fantastic is that embroidered print? Love it. 

My friends need little side tables for their drinkines and these guys are perfect. The gold base goes with my coffee table, but the marble top is so much better for drinks than glass, which shows every fingerprint and smudge. They better be perfect cause at $607 a piece they are gonna set you back.  Cheers!

Simple Black and White Mariposa lamps on each side table to balance the graphic Black and White rug.  $149 each from Z Gallerie.

Super simple gauzy curtains for $88 a panel on either side of the print to keep a light, tropical feel.  They are actually a striped pattern, which mimics the rug; but in neutral colors, beige and white, to keep the space from being too busy.  

The crowning jewel would be a  ri-donk-ulous Lobmeyer Sputnik Chandelier.  The lines in this piece mimic the lines of the flowers in the print PERFECTLY.  I love this piece oh-so-much.  They have been discontinued for quite some time, and bidding on an original usually starts around 10 Grand, which means I will never have one.  Luckily there is a really cool DIY for a similar style HERE

So there ya go folks, what do you think of my room? Sure, the grad total is over $25,000 (not even including the pint by which it was inspired!), YIKES! But I could do some crazy bargain shopping, thrifting, and DIYing to get that price way, way down.  And don’t forget all of my JD Design clients get trade discounts from TONS of retailers. Crate and Barrel and Z Gallerie included, both of which are in this room!



  1. Love the room you created!! It accents the print perfectly and I could def imagine myself living in this room!

  2. PERFECTION!! You have great style JD! Love all your ideas. Keep them coming!

  3. can you come do my apartment like this ASAP!? love your style

  4. WHAAAAT!! Jessie I LOOOOVE THIS! Seriously, not only because you included my print (TOTAL AMAZING BONUS) but every piece you chose works just beautifully together…dang, even I want my own print now after seeing this, I need to get working on it to finalize! THANK YOU!!

  5. I love this room! Did you know I just bought that turquoise chair from Z Gallerie?! And I adore Cozmania myself! Great job piecing together this room, lovely!

  6. Totally, that print is beautiful! Vibrant colors without being a nutcase. I want all of that brass you included in the room.

  7. The artwork is the perfect “pow” for your inspiration board…gorgeous!!

  8. I absolutely LOVE that print and you’re inspiration board to go with it!- the colours are amazing!!!

    The Sydney Girl

  9. Holy cow this is fabulous!!!! Love this room! The black/white stripes are a perfect way to ground all the bright colors. You are so talented!

  10. Oh darn my last comment didn’t go thru – can you check your spam comments and approve it pretty please? I promise I shouldn’t have a problem after that!

  11. Rochelle (littleNudge) says:

    I love your style girl! I love everything about your board, it has the perfect balance of colour and pattern and that coffee table is amazing!

  12. LOVE love love this room, Jessie. And that print is so fabulous. Well done to both of you!! xoxo

  13. Fabulous job J! you created a gorgeous room! xx

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