Trending: Poppin bottles……..of Veuve!

As much fun as we had mixing Cosmopolitans during the Sex and the City era, martini shakers are messy, loud, and it’s easy to spill out of those tricky glasses (especially after the second round!).

According to fashionable bar flies everywhere, cool, classic Champagne is the cocktail du jour.  Yum.  I have loved sipping champagne since the age of 17 21.  It’s refreshing, celebratory, and feels luxurious.  But apparently, just any old bottle of bubbly, simply won’t do.  Today, it’s all about the iconic, orange labeled Veuve. Tres pricey, but oh-so-fancy.

The FABULOUS Roxy of Society Social has created an entire brand around “The Art of the Bar Cart”. Her inspiring lifestyle images are colorful, festive, and many feature the Veuve.  Looking at these photos makes me imagine having the ladies over for a game of bridge around my well manicured pool while gossiping and sipping on champs.  Ah….

Now every designer, decorator, and stylist has jumped onto the Veuve bandwagon. Look, even The Decorista uses it! And very sexily I might add.  

And Camille does too!

So now everyone is on board…

So here’s is my question…..does everyone really keep bottles of champagne on bar carts?  My point being, it’s room temperature.  You’ve gotta ice that baby down before you pop the top.  That’s why I just keep mine in the fridge.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get my own bar cart and start waiting 10 minuets to chill my champs before indulging, live a civilized lady.  Who knows….!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!  I will be working all day on Saturday, but on fun things!  Wish me luck!


[Images Via Society Social,  The Decorista, The Glitter Guide, Luxury Monograms, and House Beautiful]


  1. Oh, how I love champagne!!! It has been a long time favorite and go-to of mine. It is the happiest “cocktail” I think 🙂 A good hostess should always have a bottle or 2 on hand (I agree it should be in the fridge!) oh! And Veuve is no doubt the crème de la crème! CHEERS! Happy weekend! XO brynn

  2. everswoon says:

    Veuve is my bubbly of choice and I actually just got one of Roxy’s carts! Perfect addition to my home! x

  3. such pretty pictures! 🙂 i want a bar cart, but i NEED a glass of bubbly after this week. honestly, i probably wouldn’t be able to not drink the veuve long enough to keep it on there anyway. -ll

    • Right? That’s exactly what I was going to say…Who gets a bottle of veuve and doesn’t immediately drink it? So confusing! The empty bottle does make a pretty vase for flowers, though 🙂

  4. I love Society Social! Roxy has created such a fun brand. I have been longing for one of the bar carts for quite some time now. I think we should have a party around a bar cart together…. could be fun! Or trouble?!

  5. love this champagne and I agree – it really is the best cocktail!!!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing, love 🙂 Like I like to say at the Social– “Brandish the bubbly!” Have a grand weekend! xo!

  7. You can never go wrong with champagne. And I’m thinking that keeping the Veuve on the bar cart is just for show. Unless you’re such a high roller, those are your extra bottles, in addition to all the bottles in the fridge.

  8. I really do drink too much champagne! This makes me want to buy a bottle and restyle my bar cart.

  9. Champagne is my drink of choice. I’m so classy. Just kidding, I drink the cheap stuff. Okay, not always. Pink champagne is my favorite!

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