Peacock Standoff

You might be familiar with my intense peacock adoration.  So much, that I have an unusual fantasy that if I’m ever a bride, my wedding gift from the groom will be a huge, albino, taxidermy peacock.   Really, I could write a lengthy post on that whole thought process, but I have to make it brief today.

Yesterday my best friend and I went to the zoo.  She’s about 5 months pregnant and has to pee every hour on the hour.  When walking to the ladies room we were interrogated by the most beautiful peacock.  He was guarding the restroom, and we had to hold it for a very long time.  It was the closest I had ever been to my favorite bird and I savored every minute of it, even though my bestie was about to pee her pants.  

He finally decided we were no harm, and let us pass. 

The End


  1. Hahaha WHAT? I mean… Did it escape or do they just hang out in STL all the time?? So freaking funny.

  2. Erika [small shop] says:

    Ha! I got to get really close at a zoo once too. In the Honolulu Zoo they just mill around and don’t seem to phased by people. I was shocked, like aren’t they supposed to enclosed and untouchable or something? Nope, they acted more like pigeons!
    Such beautiful creatures.

  3. Awesome pics!
    So, I always have these crazy ideas for business and one of them was to have a peacock rental business, and rent them out to people having weddings, so they could just like wander around in the background and just do peacock stuff. True story.

  4. It blows my mind that they just roam free at the zoo. Can you imagine walking down the streeting and coming across a peacock?! They really are pretty magnificant!


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