York House

As mush as I daydream about living in Manhattan or other large cities, my hometown, Saint Louis, still offers endless hidden gems that keep me inspired.

My latest obsession is York House.  A $12 million dollar historic renovation located in the Central West End that is so much more than just 33 fabulous individual residential apartments; but an entire building with stunning common areas inspired by a surreal European lifestyle that evokes feelings of a glamorous era from the past.

Residents are welcomed home by a lobby that features marble flooring and custom-made wallpaper that was designed with the York House monogram.  Hello.

Wait for the elevator beneath a crystal chandelier that lights up an fantastic picture gallery atop slick, black walls.  I die. 

Every morning residents can sip coffee and read the paper in the bright Drawing Room located right off the lobby. 

Mirrored furniture reflects light that pours in from the bright windows.

Is that an antler collage I spy in the mirror reflection?

The dark and moody Library Bar gives off an old-school, country club meets hunting lodge vibe and I don’t like it, I love it.  Pest are welcome which I really love.

Without a doubt, the most extraordinary amenity is the individual, keyed and monogrammed liquor cabinets for residents to stash their booze.  The bar is stocked with more than enough bar-ware for spur of the moment library libations.

The architectural plans commissioned by LID Design Collaborative from New York but the space was truly brought to life with furniture, accents, and fixtures sourced from Annie Brahler, stylist and owner of Euro Trash, located in Jacksonville, IL.  Check em out, super-dulex swoon worthy.

Zebra, busts, gold and crystals.  I can’t hardly handle it.

Have you ever seen a rental property with so many authentic and personal touches?  This is in the common area people!

I’d host a lot of boozy board game nights here.


Annie also decorated one of the Private Residence’s.  Not sure if this was the display or if someone actually lives here, but I wish I did.

More gallery wall glory.

I see a brass pony.  I like him.

The Penthouse is still available and features original plaster ceilings, carved wood fireplace mantles, and wainscot walls.  I only need 18 roommates to make this place mine!

Look at those air vents.  Is that an elephant? I like him too.

I wouldn’t mind retrieving my bills in this fetching little mailroom.

And of course you could entertain in a darling outdoor courtyard.  

Meet me in St. Louie?

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  1. I’m in love!!!

  2. If I owned that I wouldn’t dare rent it out! It’s ridiculously gorgeous.

  3. oh my gaww…. this is fabulous! I want to live there now!

  4. I can’t get over the fact that it’s a RENTAL property! I have never seen an apartment complex with any kind of inspiration-worthy decor… and this just totally does it for me. It’s gorgeous. It reminds me of Hotel Zaza, a hotel in Dallas and Houston. Wow! I wanna move in there!

  5. oh wow, and to think I thought I was over mirrored furniture.

  6. Omg Jessie, this place is gorgeous! How awesome is that bar??
    Thanks for the intro!

    The Aestate

  7. Ok I know this is an old post but I linked back to it from your recent post. This place is amazing. Crazy question but any idea what color of white paint they used? Do you have a favorite white? – Brandy

  8. I loved, loved this post! Would you mind if I used the photo of the awesome coffee table and its unique decor in my own blog, MaudeAnna.com? Its a blog I share with my sister and it covers design/decor, DIY, wanderlust trips and food.
    Thank you
    Debbie Calabrese
    Let’s Do Rooms

  9. Frederick Stivers says:

    We’ve lived in the York House for the last two years. It is a lovely building. The general feel of the CWE has changed since the police officer was shot across from Lulu Lemon during the summer. Hopefully the new apartments and Whole Foods going in will improve this.



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