Blessing in Disguise

On the Fourth of July my father and I took a spontaneous road trip to my hometown, Spring Lake, MI, to visit my uncle who is in hospice for Stage 4 cancer.

Mister Hemi tried to sneak on the trip.

My dad uses old school paper maps for directions.  I prefer to decorate with them.

Gummy worms on the road.

My parents had this sculpture in their front yard at their first house.  When they moved to Saint Louis they gave it to my Grandmother and now it’s in her front yard. 

My Grandmother’s backyard.

This was hanging on my uncle, Frank Miller III, refrigerator.

Hammocks behind the cottage my uncle is staying in.

This is the backyard of the cottage my uncle is staying at.  This is where he wants his ashes spread.  It really feels like heaven.

My Dad walking around the property.Looking out at Lake Michigan.Let’s go down to the beach.Patterns in nature.

House my Dad grew up in.

Grandmother’s sitting room.

Sitting room featuring stone fireplace, wood paneling, sterling tea set, and 1960s era painting of my Dad and his brothers. Dad is on the left, check out his swag.Gram’s powder room has framed Queens, rad sconces, and metallic herringbone wallpaper.

The wallpaper is even on the ceiling.

Plaid carpet in my uncles old bedroom.

My Grandmother has all kinds of cool Miller (our last name) themed memorabilia.

Original signage from Miller Chevrolet circa 1960s.  No longer Miller, and now has an Enterprise.

Grandma’s backyard again.



  1. First of all, I am so sorry about your uncle. Second that first pictures cracks me up. What a cute little pup!!!! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  2. So sorry to hear about your uncle Jessie, but it seems he has a great family to surround him with love. Love seeing your snapshots from the trip!

  3. You grandma’s house is what dreams are made of! I love following your ass on Instagram.


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