{Art Obsession} Chad Wys

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved portrait style paintings.  The way the eyes of the subject stare back at you, no matter what angle you look at it is just so deliciously creepy to me.  I love it.

Cyad Wys is a young artist who modifies traditional, baroque, and neo classical style portraits by digitally enhancement or directly modifying them with paint. tape, or other mediums and I’m obsessing. I likey like like like.

A tip of the hat to you, Mister Wys.

Are you a freak like me and love this stuff?  If so, learn more about Chad at hos website


  1. so fun and mysterious! what a way to mix up art:)

  2. Love these! The faceless ones are way too creepy for me though.

  3. Ohhh this is awesome. I adore the mix of modern and baroque. The first Marie Antoinette portrait is amazing! Very Sofia Coppola in a way, no?

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