{Interior Design Inspiration} Ju Ju Hats

JD Mills loves to add some texture to a space.  Like, a lot.  I’ve been known to say the “texture” about once every 6 seconds during a LIVE design segment.  It’s super annoying, yet I still can’t seem to restrain myself from saying it.

If you are like me and likes some …texture… in your living space, you might agree there is nothing more spectacular than throwing a big ole JuJu Hat up on your wall. Ohmygod I love those babies.

“What the eff is a JuJu Hat?” I hear you ask yourself? Well, technically, they are tribal headdresses worn by Cameroonian chiefs and dignitaries during royal court affairs, and are also referred to as tyn.  But to me, they are bad ass wall decorations.  And you should bring them into your life immediately.

They can add hue contrast in a colorful room. They can serve mostly as …texture… in a monochromatic space. 

Or become a big, bangin pop of color on a sparse wall.

Basically there are endless options on how to style these beauties.  And I’d like to try every single option at some point.  

I’m gonna steal that entire wall of hats, plus the coffee table and of course the black and white rug.  I’d give those beautiful pieces a much better home.

Very sweet and feminine. Check out that lil girl.  She’s all like “Yea, I’m just chillin on the floor reading intellectual coffee table books, in a fantastic pre-war penthouse with amaze vintage furniture under an uber expensive Juju hat.  What’s up with you?”

Juju meets floral wallpaper.

The designer behind this comfy, cozy space sells Juju hats.  Check it.

Black walls, colorful Suzani throw, Venetian mirror plus mirrored side table, and a Juju?  Okay, I’m with it. Now this is an example of …texture… ladies and gentlemen.  Wood grain, feathers, jute.  I’m on sensory overload.

I like the screen in the background, I like the shell, I like the coral, I like the distressed side table, and I likey like like the JuJu.

This is interesting.  Kinda feminine meets rustic.  It sort of has a “It took me forever to style the space to make it look like like it was thrown together.” I dig it.

Elegant and monochromatic.  Very Candice Olsen.

Oh yea.  I adore. Navy velvet couch…..oh how I love you, regardless of the amount of white dog hair you would be covered in at my house. 

Loving the Victorian sofa with modern chairs with cowhide rug.  How come I can never mix it up that well?

Black n White stripes.  I’m obsessed, duh. Cool wall collage.  It appears to be over twin beds, which makes me think it’s a little girls room, which makes it even cooler.

Um…….yea.  All of it. Please. Thanks.

More chic monochromaticness.

Gah! Freaking love this.  Is that wood paneling stained olive green? Sigh… I’d turn that marble topped console table into a makeshift bar cart.

Love Love Love everything except I would have a butcher block kitchen table.  Modern chairs are way cooler contrasted against an organic material instead of another modern piece.  Aaaaaaaaaaand I hate that light fixture.  Sorry. I said it.

This is great.  I bet it’s the home of a very cool couple who used to live in the city, then had a kid and now need a larger home.This appears this is an outdoor space, and it also appears I wish I was currently lounging on that sofa with a beer.

Feelin it.  All of the colors and materials are gorgeous.  It seems like a rather large space for a dining table that only seats four, but what do I know?  This pic is from Elle Decor and I think they know better than I do.

Everything in this pic is amazing awesomeness, but for God’s sake why is that cheesy picture on display? How embarrassing.

Ghost chairs are my friends.  Especially with Asian faces painted on them.

This is preppy with a touch of funk and I really like it.  Obviously the homeowners are waspy preps with money to spend, but the framed beaded necklaces and Juju add a sense of adventure.  Maybe the couple went on an African safari for their honeymoon and wanted to add decor elements that reminded them of a time before the kids came when they could get drunk and have hangover sex all weekend.  I dunno, I’m just guessing.

Jujus mixed with other tribal art leads the way upstairs.

You might remember I just got done filming the second episode of The Great Design Rescue.  The home owners are Johnathan Adler super fans and I brought lots of his signature elements into their home.

I really like this image of Johnathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s beach home that was recently featured in Architectural Digest.

I especially like the orange Juju over the headboard and wanted to bring one into their design.

You can purchase an identical Juju from Johnathan Adler’s website, but priced at $725 it was way too expensive.  Especially since my my budget for the entire makeover was $500.

I had ambitions visions of creating the most amazing faux Juju Hat by following Design Sponge’s DIY tutorial.  I searched and searched for the perfect materials, and my Mom even helped assembling, but……………well…………I just don’t have it like that cause mine tuned out lookin like Raggedy Ann and Carrot Top had a deformed baby.
Um, yea.  It’s currently in the garbage can.  I guess even Design Daredevils can’t pull it off sometimes.  I’m savin my pennies for the real deal.


  1. Love the baby pink one with the green wall……..
    You crack me up.
    Love your blog!

  2. I am so glad you told me what these things are called! I love them. And I say “texture” wayyyy too much myself. 🙂


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