{My Design} Art Deco Feminine Boudoir

I have a new client whom I’ve never met.  Him and his girlfriend are super glam, jet setters who are never in town.  My point of contact is their assistant/contractor/friend/pain in my ass.

For the time being, we are focusing on two of their guest bedrooms.  One will be more masculine and the other will feel more feminine.  The only request I was given for the fem bedroom is that the girlfriend wan’t very dark grey walls.  Okey dokey.  I got this.  I instantly started brainin on moody, sexy spaces with dark colors, metallic and fur….similar to these….
I first decided we need a dramatic chandelier for drama and a white white tufted headboard to contrast against the wall color.  From there my mind took me to an Art Deco inspired feminine space.  Here is what I’m thinking right now….
Art Deco Femm Board
Here are all of the elements that make up my sexy space…

Braden Gold Picture Frame

Numeric Pillow

Strand Open Nightstand

Orange Long Stem Roses

Flint Paint Collection
I’m still lovin it, but need to go back to the drawing board.  According to my “middle man” the girlfriend “hates gold” (Rip my heart out!) and feels a white headboard is impractical. Hello?! That’s what makes it luxurious! Oh well, now I can use this design for myself and come up with something safe and boring even better for them!


  1. O o o i will have it then!

  2. I wish!!!

  3. Beautiful mood boards……Nice work as always.

  4. I wish I had the guts to go for dark grey walls and furs! Looks awesome!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  5. Zexy indeed. Love the peachy colored chair against those gray walls. And the mix of modern and fem art. Fur throw and panties be coming right off. Dirty mind, I have.

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