birthday wish list

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m not too excited about it.  This year week has been mad stressful and I kind of forgot about it.  How lame is that?  Quick! I need to make some exciting plans!  But more importantly, if anyone needs to purchase me a last minuet gift, here are my recommendations….birthday wish list

My Grandma already got this for me! Score!

Military coat

Coach is killing it this season.  They finally got rid of all that God awful, cheesy logo crap and are back to their luxury roots.  And for such a FAB clutch the price is not bat at all..

So why not also get a matching iPhone case? A gal can never have enough leopard….rawr.

I need this sofa in my life immediately.  And I think its on sale!  It will be mine!  Oh yes, it will be mine! Now I just need a living room to put it in….

Gordon Tufted Chair

The OG of Hollywood Regency interior design.  Been wanting this book forever…

SO ME.  Black and White stripes with a cheeky poke at my drag queen makeup requirements.

If I can’t have actually have fine jewelry, then a book with eye candy of it is good enough for me.

Um, duh.  Doesn’t everybody want this book?

My signature scent, dudes love it!

I also want need a new faux fur blanket so snuggle up in and will take a lynx one, like THIS GUY.
And I’d never decline a gold Cartier love bracelet…..just saying….
Have a big ol’ CHEERS in my honor tomorrow!


  1. Happy early birthday girlfraan. I remember you saying you one time pretended it was your bachelorette on your birthday. How funny. That cape is delicious. Have a great day tomorrow. And the next day and the next…

  2. Happy belated! I hope you get everything you want for your biiiirthday 🙂 You deserve it! Died laughing at “drag queen makeup requirements”… you so do not look like a drag queen, crazy!

  3. Happy belated birthday lady!! From an outsider’s perspective, I would say your year kicked ass.
    xoxo jessica


  1. […] has been a long time favorite.  The classic Chesterfield is one of my favorite sofa shapes and I happen to love black leather. […]

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