lab 1500

logo   I’ve been having fun working on all kinds of different design projects.  One of my favs has been Lab 1500.  The concept is to create an intimate and creative meeting space for aspiring entrepreneurs to network and develop business ideas.  The location is one of my all time favorites, a 120 year old building right on Washington Avenue .

Here is the interior before any work had started.


Don’t you die over the shutter doors?

shuttersWe decided to enhance the original historic features by refinishing the tin ceiling tiles, power washing the paint off the brick walls, strip the original hardwood floors and staining them in a dark walnut color.  I wanted to create a vintage, cozy collegiate vibe with private work stations, communal tables, and all kinds of crazy thrifted finds layered on top.  This is my original mood board.Collage 1The owners have busted their asses getting all if the finishes done themselves.  I am beyond impressed by their work ethic.  They were in there scraping, painting and doin the damn thing in the freezing cold before they even had electricity.  It’s starting to take shape, here are some sneaky peakies.

WW2 American Flag, black tufted sofa, brass eagle lamp.1500-insta-21-1024x1024

Globes, legal weights, Model T sterring wheel, clock, pirate ship, trunks and books.Vintage signage.  


Sends a positive message to aspiring entrepreneurs, no?


Vintage nailhead trimmed chairs that I stole found next to a dumpster.1500-insta-6-1024x1024

Freakin rad (and huge) WW2 memorial flag.


Airplane propeller. 


Doors are scheduled to open for business in January, check out membership info HERE!

Oh! One last highlight. I met a new friend in the basement. So that was exciting.




  1. oh wao!! I’m very impressed. I love the look you are going for.

  2. so fun! I do die over the shutters!!! xo

  3. oooh, looking good.

    As for the mannequin, that’s kinda how I feel after a Friday night.

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