The Black Jumpsuit

I want one.DD Style 1In fact, I pretty much want to look just like this.

Except with crazy, blonde hair.

And maybe substitute a cocktail for smartphone.

But then again, I do love to Instagram. Might keep smartphone.

I’ve been online shopping for the prefect style to tryout.  Theses are some of my top finds.

Jessie's Jumpsuit Picks1/2/3/4/5/6

Which do you think most says “I’m an edgy-sexy, design savy, sophisticated city woman” and is also the least likely to give me a camel toe?  I’m leaning toward the sweetheart neckline/peplum.



  1. I say get em all


  1. FACE TIME says:

    […] also had to figure out several outfit choices for our promos as well.  I knew I wanted to wear a black jumpsuit, and tried several, but this was by far my […]

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