#OperationBachelorPad is coming along nicely.  New flooring is on it’s way, lighting has been ordered, and painting started yesterday. Today I’m wrapping up plans for the bedroom, AKA the Dudeoir.

dudeoire 1

What’s a Dudeoir you ask? It’s the male equivalent to a boudoir.  Duh.  A guy’s private bedroom, dressing, and sitting room.   And here’s what I have.

Drum Shade/Vegas Prints/Dresser/Sconces/Nightstands/Bed/Stripe Throw Pillow/Pattern Throw Pillow/Jute Rug/Hyde Rug/Copenhagen Chair and Ottoman/Martini Side Table

I don’t have a great “Before” pic of the space, but I can tell you it’s new and modern and a little boring, BUT is has floor to ceiling windows and a killer balcony.photo 4-8We decided on a dark charcoal laminate flooring and the walls will be painted in SW Anonymous.  Done and done.  He was so excited that he started ripping up the carpet right then and there.photo-20I told him to calm down and focus on wallpaper for a focal wall behind the headboard.  Specifically, this Graham & Brown wallpaper.GB wall 1I’m learning guys don’t get excited about wallpaper, which makes me depressed.   But the sample came in yesterday and it is oh-so-amazing and I’m happy again.  It has beautiful….texture….like, the tan parts are almost wood grain.  Tres masculine.  The mid-centryish pattern will play really well with his beloved Copenhagen chair we ordered. copHe’s obsessed with this thing and wants one on every room of the house.  If he gets my wallpaper, I don’t care what he does. Looks good, no?photo-19Bad iPhone pic, but you get the idea.

Oh, a surprising battle I lost compromised on was the bedside lighting.  I had a strong vision of wall mounted boom or scissor sconces.  Something like one of these…Bed Sconce 1Bed Scronce 3Bed Sconce 2Bed Sconce 4His response was “I don’t like it.”

I was sad.  And then he sent me a link to this…bad light

Then I was mad.  But we have now agreed on these.good lightAnd now I am glad.

Oh, and he hates hyde rugs so I’m only getting a solid grey jute rug, which is fine with me because now that I have the wallpaper sample in my hands I realize it would be a little….much……  Wish me luck and don’t forget to follow my design adventures on Instagram @designdaredevil


  1. I love that copenhagen chair. antique looking but with a class!

  2. Loving that wallpaper. It’s masculine but has curvaceousness as well. Also that laminate is great. Glad they are improving the patterns so it doesn’t look so fake.


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