My Pet Lion: Tippi Hedren & Melanie Griffith

lion 2

Did you know that Tippi Hendren had a pet lion?  I didn’t.  But I’m impressed.  I guess when you’re an iconic, Alfred Hitchcock film starlet you can do whatever you want.

Tippi’s passion for wildlife preservation inspired her to establish the animal sanctuary Shambala Preserve in 1972 and produce the epic film Roar in 1981, which was considered to be one of the most dangerous films ever made.  The crew got mangled and scalped and all kinds of drama.  But this didn’t scare Tippi from adopting Togar, a full grown male lion.

I am completely fascinated by these photos of their family captured by Life magazine in the early 70s.

lion 9

lion 8 That’s Tippi’s daughter, Melanie Griffith, snuggled up next to her pet lion.

lion 7

lion 6

lion 3

lion 1

lion 4

lion 10

I can’t get enough of that lion, those hairdos, and their decor.  I’m majorly inspired.  Not only do I want to put faux manes on my dogs, but I want to decorate my home in 70s , chinoiserie, glam fashion.  Ya dig?polyI’d have mad lion dog hair on that black velvet sofa, but learn to deal.

So what do you think about wild animals as house pets? Fresh for Spring 2013?


  1. This is amazing!!! Love your blog and I’m following you!!! Kisses from Florence!!!

  2. Oh My!! What an amazing post! absolutely loved it. At first glance I thought all the photos were staged…I can’t believe they had an actual lion. So fabulous, and yes dying over the decor…how about that furry rug in the first photo…yum!!!

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