St. Louis Fashion Week is in effect.  A kickoff soiree was held at Plush and last Thursday to get the festivities rolling and guess who decorated the VIP lounge/gifting suite?  Moi. 

Plush is a huge, bi-level music venue that took over a retail space that had been vacant for some time, which always good for Downtown St. Louis.  When I say it’s huge, I mean 10,000 sf huge; so it’s understandable that a start up business’s decor budget would have to be streeeeeetched, but they were crafty and rescourceful.  If Hobby Lobby’s clearance aisle and Punky Brewster’s wardrobe had a baby, it would look like Plush’s decor.  

So, not exactly my style, but they had some really amazing moments scattered around.   These chairs for instance.  Bamboo frame + Leopard Print fabric + Tropical chinoiserie fabric = Me. Likes.

Plush 2

Of course I’m in love with a pair of busts on pedestals greeting you at the front door. Hello.

Plush 3

This was my favorite situation in the whole place.  They had 5 or 6 of these ridiculous mid century sconces just sitting on a bar counter.  Hello!  Please hang those bad boys before I straight up wear a poncho in the joint and smuggle them out. They are amazing! I especially like them contrasted against that leopard print fabric covered wall.  Too bad that it only covers a small portion of the wall and then transitions into a collage of looped potholders. 

Plush 1

My designated decorating area was on the upper level and not terribly large, but I wanted to create as much of an intimate feel within the cavernous concrete space.  I made graphic garland using the colors of Saint Louis Fashion Week’s logo to dangle from the exposed conduit, creating a semi-canopy feel in my zone. Thank you to my design interns for the day, Daniel and Teresa, for hanging every single strand helping me install!

stlfw 6 

(Disclaimer: I hid the Circa 1994 Casa Gallardo barstools.  If anyone is looking for them, you may or may not find them in the freight elevator.) 

Here are some fab party goers enjoying my garland canopy.  Good times.  Good times.


Aside from the canopy, I did the tablescapes.  I wanted to add some of my glam style and incorporate fashion, hence it’s a fashion party. I decided to use stilettos as decor, add some leopard print and disco balls, and utilize my bust collection.  The fashion twist was that ever bust sported a different accessory; hat, sunniness, headband…. 

Table 1.1Table 3Table 5Table 2.1Table 4

Here I am at one of my tables with my girl Amy.

Party 2.1

That’s Amy of Chris and Amy.  They one one of my fav furnishing shops, Hammer and Hand.  Check them out.  They rock.


They loaned some of their furniture to display garments from Project Runway’s Michael Drummond and Laura Kathleen.  I love this gold jumpsuit and chevron necklace designed by Laura.

stlfw 2

Another highlight….a bloody mary bar!  Mmmmmm….me luuuuuuuvs bloody bars.  Usually at Sunday brunch, but it was just as fun on a fashionable Thursday night.  I have to track down the mix cause it was goooood.


Of course my favorite social activity is people watching.  There are always amazing people doing amazing things at these sorts of events.  A lot of them were enjoying my tables, which made me happy.  Especially this young lady, who enjoyed my tablescaping so much she stole my pink sequin beret right off of one of my busts.

stlfw 5

She seemed to be so pleased with herself that I didn’t have the heart to rip it off her head, especially since she went to all the trouble to pin it in and style her hair around it. But I did have to take her picture.  I think she thought I was paparazzi.  I hope she gives it a good home and wears it to fun, 70s themed parties like I did. 

Thank you to Alive Magazine for inviting me to participate. See you on Saturday at Glow.  Now I have to figure out what the hell to wear to a spring fashion show when there is snow on the ground.


  1. You are too funny. Loved your centerpiece ‘s ……..the busts, stilettos , and accessories are fab. Hope your sequined beret is liking it’s new home……lol ……guess she thought. It was swag.

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