Dining and Den Reveal #operationbachelorpad

Yesterday we looked at the #operationbachelorpad Living Room, which is basically a TV watching area.  Today we see the dining, bar and den area, which is basically for eating, drinking, and lounging.  My favorite activities.  All of the areas are pretty much one big room, with the den being a nook to itself, but Matt Kile took individual photos for your viewing pleasure. 

So, let’s just get this party started.

Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Dining 1

The only lighting option I considered was a classic Sputnik Chandelier.  It’s my all-time favorite and a perfect fit over the Parsons dining table made from reclaimed Russian Oak timbers.  What I like about this table is is the tension between it’s rustic texture – splits, exposed notches and knicks – and the streamlined shape. It makes for an interesting design that is still very simple.   The dining chairs are reproductions of the iconic Cesca Chairs and are hands down my favorite pieces in the entire space.

Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Bar 3

A vintage W.C. Fields personality poster overlooks a bar station.  Everything is from my personal collection.

Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Banquette 2

People, this is what you call a custom banquet.  And it is freakin awesome. Originally this space was small, awkward, and purposeless, but it had a great sunset view over the park.  Mr. Bachelor wanted a comfortable area that he could read a book in. And that is what he got. 

I designed it, Architectural Elements built and installed it, St. Louis Upholstery made the cushions, and Architectural Elements installed them as well.  My boy Rande really outdid himself on this one.  He put so much heart and soul into the project and has an incredible eye for details.  Outstanding job!  I think I will do a separate post breaking down how this beast was built.

Now….lets discuss this fantastic art. I happen to believe every home needs at least one piece of original artwork.  It adds so much soul and makes for a story.  This particular piece was done by Ted Collier specifically for this space. Ted does a lot of geometric abstracts that I’m really into. I asked him to do whatever he wanted, this was what he came up with, and I’m crazy about it! I had no clue he was adding a yellow hue and it totally works with my beloved tortoise shell.  Rather serendipitous if I do say so myself.

Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Banquette 1

The bookcase, built and installed by Architectural Elements, can house tons of books, but of course I had to style it up first.   I’m not gonna lie, styling for a straight guy was a bit of a challenge.  Luckily, Chris from Hammer and Hand Imports is a straight guy/stylist extraodinaire and really helped a sister out.  I was all “Uhhhh,  I dunno about that car” and he was all “I think it’s cool” and I was like “Okay.” And it ended up looking great.  Hopefully he will help with me and my guys new place.

Al accessories are from Hammer and Hand Imports, Nate Berkus, and my personal vintage collection.

Still to come…..the Dudeoir…..its so good!

Special Thanks to:

Matt Kile for the photography. 

Ted Collier for being a bad ass artist.

Rande Hackman for putting up with me.

Chris & Amy Plastid from Hammer & Hand Imports for co-styling, and being all-around-awesome.

Daniel Jolivette for assisting shoot.


  1. Ammmaaaazing! Another gorgeous room.
    Love the chandelier!

  2. These are fantastic.
    Love the custom banquet . Great use of space.
    The original art work by Mr. Collier is spot on.
    W. C. Fields over bar area…..genius .

  3. This is SICK!!! 4-real!

  4. LOVE. that banquet stopped my heart. gorgeous!!

  5. love, love, love the custom bookcase–the wood is seriously gorg. and those vintage bar glasses are perfect! it’s so hard when you have this stuff you love in your personal stash and know it would be great for a client, but you sometimes love it too much to part with it, right?? on the flip side, it’s nice to find the perfect job for it, with a client who you know will appreciate good vintage as much as you do.


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