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Today I introduce you to Project Rustic European Luxe, aka #RusticEuroLuxe. Oh my gosh I love, Love, LOVE this project!

First, a bit of background.  A gal I’ve known for coming up on 10 years met and fell in love with a guy who has two young sons plus a dog, and now they are one big family who built one big happy home.  I’ve been consulting on this project off and on for over a year when they were first building.  The original concept was more of an industrial meets European feel, kind of like this…

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller #rusticeuropeanluxe 3

We are still feeling this image, but are transitioning out of industrial (sorry hubby!) and moving into more of an old European hotel/lodge vibe.  We will have luxurious furniture with rustic touches to give the new construction home a soulful feel. The goal is to make the space feel as if it has been collected over time, even though we are under the gun to get it completed ASAP style!

We are now gaining inspiration from images such as these…

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller #rusticeuropeanluxe 2

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller #rusticeuropeanluxe 5

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller #rusticeuropeanluxe 4

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller #rusticeuropeanluxe 6

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller #rusticeuropeanluxe 11/2/3/4/5/6

You will see a monochromatic color palate with lots of different texture (our favorite word) by way of pickled wood (might have gotten carried away with pickled wood), metallics like brass, pewter, gold and silver, mercury glass, and fabrics including velvet, burlap, and linen.  Oh, and there will be animals.  Lots and lots of animal friends.  The most important element is ample seating to entertain a rowdy crowd, child friendly areas and adult friendly areas.  Sound fun?  It is.

We have most of our large furniture pieces, and now need to pull is all together.  My favorite, yet the most difficult, part.

Want a sneaky peaky at the goodies we have so far?  Don’t front, of course you do!


This was happening over the mantel when industrial was the word. The scale was perfect for the very tall vaulted ceiling, but we aren’t feel in it anymore, and it will soon be replaced(!!!).  Maybe with something like this…

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Antlers Rug Versailles Chairs

We got antlers.  A lot o’ antlers.  What’s that in the background you ask?  A Versailles chair, duh.


We might even have two of those babies. But I’m not tellin.

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Ella Sofa

There is some tufted, velvet going on.



Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Brass Chandelier

Antique, bras, chandy action will be goin down in the dining room.

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Hyde Louis Chairs Sheepskin stools

And my favorite so far, a custom cow hyde upholstered Louis chair.  He might also have a friend.  In the background are soon-to-be sheepskin X-benches. We see DIYs in our future. And wallpaper…..lots and lots of glorious wallpaper.

Stay tuned, and wish us luck that our damn samples show up before we change our minds again


  1. Soooooooo EXCITING!!!!

  2. Love the cowhide upholstered chair. Luxe for sure. Ah, samples. Waiting for those are always fun. Go get ’em girl.

  3. Oh yess I see your Louis chair looking so fab. This project is so amazing…I love all your inspiration images and all the goodies you have so far. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

  4. That room is nothing short of ‘man glam’. I don’t know if that’s a real term but I’m making it one. Looks fab!!

  5. You really pulled some great swipes for inspiration, can’t wait to see the final product!

    Ali of


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