#rusticeuroluxe Silver or Gold?

Plans for Project #rusticeuroluxe are coming along.  Most progress is in the dining room, which happens to be my favorite room to decorate.

I picked up this little lady.

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Dining Room Brass Chandy

Then she was introduced to her new roommates.


Yes, a 72″ round, pedestal dining room table.  Any clue how difficult those are to find? Very.

But more importantly, we had some auditioning to do.

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Dining Room Wallpaper Samples

Many, many, many wallpaper choices.

Lots, and lots, and lots of fun to be had.

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Dining Room Wallpaper Samples w Chandy

To decide it’s very important to see how the pattern plays with the chandelier so we made asked the wallpaper installer hold the hold her up while we contemplated.  Cause I’m fun to work with like that.

Don’t tell him, but I didn’t really need to go through that exercise to know what my top pics are.  Honestly I knew when we ordered the samples that I wanted either of these.

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Gold Silver Peacocks

Incase you haven’t checked your e-mail,  I’m obsessed with peacocks.  Like a lot.  

The question now is, silver or gold?  I know that gold is the obvious because of the brass chandy, but I’m alls abouts mixing up my metals.  

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Dining Room Gold & Silver Peacock Wallpaper

The silver is way shinier fo sho, but I’m not sure if that’s the direction I want to go. I made mockups of each color to give the client a better idea of what it will look like installed.

Moodboard Silver Peacocks

le silver

Moodboard Gold Peacocksle gold

So which do you think I prefer?

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Dining Room Gold Peacock Wallpaper

Go for the gold baby, duh.

Have a marvelous weekend.


  1. Really!? I thought you would say silver! I think the silver is my fave, but both wallpapers are gorg so either choice will be fab. Also, I found that same chandy here last year and tried to encourage a friend to get it for her bedroom. She didn’t and I SO wish I had gotten it for myself (not that I need it, but…well, I need it). That thing is gonna stunt. Wherever you put it.


  2. I love the gold!!!! I think you couldn’t really go wrong but I think the gold has a bit of extra umph! Can’t wait to see it all together!

  3. Ummm I know exactly how hard those dining tables are to find because I can’t seem to find one. I neeeeed a dining table for my baughman beauties, and my patience is running seriously thin!


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