Hey Hey!!!! I hope that everyone is fully recovered from Behind the Candelabra.  Was that not an incredible movie?  I could do 10 posts just about the hair and makeup, let alone the fantastic sets. But for now I am giving you a little moving update.  And speaking of moving THANK YOU SO MUCH for the very supportive messages I received on that post.  It really warms my heart to know here are people out there who care about me, even if I only know them through blogging.

I am writing this from my beautiful new apartment on top of my insane dining table. Yup, I already have a dining room table.  No sofa, but a dining room table.  I am most excited and motivated to finish our dining room.  Not the most practical of rooms to invest in first, as it will get the least amount of use, but I have never had a formal dining room and I’m pretty darn psyched to throw glam glam, fancy person dinner parties.  I just need to learn how to cook something other than cereal and we will be all set.

Here is what I started with…

Design Daredevil Dreams 16

Previous tenants decor, not my style so much, but I fell for the beautiful arched french doors leading out to the balcony, original 1930 plaster moldings, and parquet floors.

This is what I’m visualizing for the completed space…

Moodboard Topiary

First things first, the existing ceiling fan had gots to go and it had to be replaced by a Sputnik. It had to. It was non negotiable.  A while back I bought this guy on floor sample.

Design Daredevil Dreams 8

Nice and big, but way too industrial for my taste. So whats a gal to do?  Bust out the tarp and get her gold spray pant on.

Design Daredevil Dreams 12

Ya’ll know how I do.  I blinged that bitch out.

Design Daredevil Dreams 10

I live for the tension between mid-century modern furnishings and the old-world ornate detail like I live for the tension on a Real Housewives reunion.  I had to exaggerate it even more by adding a ceiling medallion to pick up on the moldings.  I am very blessed to have the nicest property engineers ever who took their time installing this for me, it wasn’t easy. Not like I would know since I just sat there watching, but I can only imagine it was quite a challenge.

Design Daredevil Dreams 7

I felt like an ass hovering over them, so I hid out in the kitchen, but I was secretly spying the whole time through the peep hole in the swing door.

Design Daredevil Dreams 1

Yes, the kitchen has a swing door. More on that later.  Let’s stay on point with a very, very important topic…

Design Daredevil Dreams 2

HOW FRIGGIN AMAZING THE CHANDELIER LOOKS!!!!!! I’m pretty darn pleased.  As you can see, I got rid of the filament lightbulbs and opted for traditional round, opaque bulbs to keep it tres mid-century.  It’s also on a dimmer and looks incredible at night, I’ll get a good night time pic to share.

You might have also noticed that the paint color is already changed.

Design Daredevil Dreams 3

I wanted a high gloss white, my  favorite color. I think the color is actually called Decorator White.

Design Daredevil Dreams 4

I like it a lot.

But do you know what I love a lot?

My dining room table.

Design Daredevil Dreams 13

Welcome to my vision of heaven.

Yes, you are correct.  That is a vintage 1980, mint condition, brass and glass Mastercraft dining room table.  If you want one, you can go to 1st dibs and get it for $5,800.  Where did I get mine you ask?  Craigslist.  Duh.  And I didn’t pay no damn $5,800, but I won’t reveal how much because then you would all hate me and I wouldn’t have any friends to invite over to eat at my fancy dinner parties.

Design Daredevil Dreams 14

Right now I have both leafs in which make it a grand 10 feet long.  It’s perfectly scaled for the large room, but I might take them out until I can afford that many dining room chairs.  I have ordered a set of these in black.

Design Daredevil Dreams 17

I can’t find a picture of them with black upholstery, but ours will be black on black  If they work out, I’m hoping to buy a more before the sale is over. Fingers crossed.

Next up, black and white abstract art piece and topiaries!!!!!  Can you believe how expensive topiaries are? Sheesh!


  1. Obsessed!! I need that chandelier! Way to follow your dreams! Xoxo

  2. Ida or mommaude says:

    Make your own art. Modern art be Jessie

  3. I’m dying!!! That chandelier! That table! I can’t take it. Please invite a Nashville girl to dinner 🙂

  4. OHHHHMAAAAHGAHHHH. The moodboard itself is amazing but it doesn’t do the actual room even the tiniest bit of justice. I can’t wait to see it all done! But for serious, why are topiaries so expensive?! Don’t understand.

  5. Ok!! This was worth the wait of me getting to my computer! This is too good! What city do you live in again? because Yes I need to come over for dinner…even if its just a drink! The table is insane…(I need Craig List classes please!) and the chandy!! (I want two of this small version for my husband’s library). But really…the floors, the moldings, the fireplace…are you kidding me??!! So beautiful! Congratulations…and I love that you will be adding pedestals in there as well…I need some for my living room to flank my sofa….don’t tell….I don’t want everyone catching on to this trend!

  6. Allison says:

    Girl, I watched that table on the StL Craigslist for like ever, I just couldn’t imagine it in my house, even though I loved it!! It looks AMAZING in your new digs… Congrats on moving in and can’t wait to see how you decorate and style the apartment!! Now, how to find a sputnik for mah-self… Hmmmmm…

  7. This whole post is killing me. The chandy, that ahhhhmazing oh em gee I can’t believe you found it on Craigslist brass table!! It’s all to die for!! I can’t wait to see everything come together!!

  8. Love the table! Craigslist is my best friend. That’s where I found my hubby!! LOL I actually bought chairs from him.


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