Viceroy Inspired Balcony

The clock is ticking towards moving day, woo hoo! One of my many requirements when looking for our new apartment was that it had to have some outdoor space.  Ours does, and even though it might be small, it will be mighty fine.  A sweet little perch for me and The BF to sip cocktails and watch the sunset over the city. Decor plans already underway, here’s what I’m thinking…

Design Daredevil Our Balcony 2

I am very inspired by the poolside cabanas at the Santa MonicaViceroy

Viceroy 2

 I mean, HELLO?! It’s the ultimate. K Dub designed, al fresco, lounge spot. 

Viceroy 1

It’s a no brainer.  But how am I gonna pull it off?

Obviously our little balcony isn’t quite as grand….

Balcony View 4

But it has a sweet view…

Design Daredevil Balcony View 1

And I can whip up something black and white and tropical all over.  Here’s how…

Design Daredevil Viceroy Inspired Balcony

1. Dillion Chair  2. My HomeGoods Buddha painted turquoise 3. Striped outdoor Pouf 4. Bamboo Patterned Outdoor Fabric 5. Dillion Bench 6. I’ve had this mirrored side table forever.

I know I will love it, I just hope The BF does too.  He has already informed me that I have to take all of the outdoor pillows in at night so they don’t get dirty.  I was cracking up, until I realized he was being serious.  Oh lawd, co-ed cohabitation is he-lar-ious.

UPDATE: Upon further inspection I have detected a horse head of sorts at the Viceroy. Take a closer look…

Design Daredevil Our Balcony Horse Head

Now I think I really do need to buy these vintage horse head ashtrays I found at an Antique Mall a few weeks ago.

Design Daredevil Our Balcony Horse Heads

Beautiful display, no? Here’s a close up.

Design Daredevil Our Balcony Horse Heads close up

Do I need em?  They are ridiculously cheap.  I’m trying to cut back on my hoarding collecting, but I will probably never find something better.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Feedback?  I need reassurance and validation on my crazy purchases. Sometimes…


  1. Those would be beyond outside! And small enough to fit on your fab balcony! Those horses, with the black and white stripes and all the green – stop it! Love!

  2. I hear you! I am saving to buy a condo and that is one of my musts too–a balcony. An outdoor area is very important!

  3. Get them ASAP!!! Perfect size for posting a coctail!

  4. YES get the ashtrays. I have a similar balcony and furniture and there’s not much room for a table without it looking cluttered. I need something to set my cocktail on though! Those ashtrays look like the perfect size to put a cocktail on.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  5. Yes you need those ashtrays! I have one myself and just love it… The Viceroy is a dreamy little spot for sure. I borrowed a little inspiration for our poolside bar cabana as well…

    It’s gonna be a dreamy little summer sitting on your new balcony with a view!


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