Like a Boss

You probably know by now that I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Things like Craigslist, flea markets, thrift stores, and antique malls.  One of my favorite haunts is the Wentzville Flea Market and since I won’t be close after my move this weekend I decided I had to hit it up yesterday.

I’m usually on sensory overload with all of the treasures to be found, but pickings were a little slim, so I had to dig deep.  Very deep.

I enjoyed these lovely Nacho Libre inspired wrestling masks.

Design Daredevil Flea Market Finds 5

I found a solid brass sun dial – $3.

The seller must have thought it was a tough sale because he was going on a tangent about it being a limited edition Hunger Games collection piece, but clearly it was straight out of The Bombay Company circa 1993.

Design Daredevil Flea Market Finds 1

A full set of Deco style gold flatware with the a case – $10.

Design Daredevil Flea Market Finds 4

Another mini urn for my growing mini urn collection – $7.

Design Daredevil Flea Market Finds 2

Good finds, but I was feeling a little deflated.  I usually hit the mother load at Wentzvillle Flea.

As I was pulling off, I drove past a portly looking fellow walking back to his car.  We was minding his own business sportin a Nascar T-Shirt and smoking a cigarette.  But what was he carrying? A pair of brass, Ibex head bookends. I pulled up next to him and told him him I was admiring his brass from afar and wanted to know how much he paid for my beloved Ibex bookends.  He proudly held them up and claimed – $1!

I have thrifting turrets syndrome, and immediately shouted out – I’ll give you $20 bucks for em!


Design Daredevil Flea Market Finds 3

And that’s how you shop the Wentzville Flea Market LIKE A BOSS.


  1. These are awesome!! such great finds! I’m getting so excited to see you TV!!

  2. LOL, LOVE this! That is completely and totally something that I would do!! Awesome score!

  3. such fab finds! Love the animal heads!

  4. Crystal Northcutt says:

    Two things I laughed out loud about 1. Bombay Company–it must be 15 years since I’ve heard that name and 2. paying more than they are asking is so something I do, I’m glad I’m not alone. hahah…

  5. I love this story. That never happens to me. If I act like I want something that someone else has they go into total hoarder mode and refuse to part with it. I love the bookends!

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