Palm Print Fabric

Design Daredevil Palm Fabric 3

The fabric for our balcony came in and I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!

In fact, I’m kinda sad it’s going to be cut up, even for pretty throw pillows.

Design Daredevil Palm Fabric 2

I wanted to enjoy it for a little bit before it’s off to the seamstress, so Mom and I spent Mother’s Day playing in the yard with my beloved palm print.

Design Daredevil Palm Fabric 4

Design Daredevil Palm Fabric 1

Design Daredevil Palm Fabric 8

I’m thinking the new apartment needs palm print curtains somewhere…..maybe in my office?  


  1. Love the fabric. Great photos!
    Can’t wait to watch you on HGTV star!

  2. OMG!!! Love your new site!! its soooo cool! COngrats! I would want to be draped in that yumminess as well!

  3. looove that fabric and yes – curtains seem appropriate somewhere;)

  4. Ok you are a freak! That is why I love following you. That fabric is “MAJ” (yes say it in a Rachel Zoe accent). Where did you get it? And hello! When did your site get updated? How did I miss that? I love it.

    • jessiedmiller says:

      THANKS WOMAN 🙂 It got an overhaul last weekend….still working on it……suck at techie stuff :-/

  5. Can I ask where you got it from? I love this print!!! Thanks in advance!

  6. Ah! Please tell me where you got your fabric from, I want to make pillows for my mom for Christmas and I’ve looked everywhere I can think of!

  7. Can you please tell where you got the fabric from??? I’ve been looking everywhere! Thanks!

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