I try to live a life without regrets.  There are endless coulda, woulda, shouldas that can really hold a person back, so I try to have faith that whats meant to be will be.  But lately I’ve been suffering from a lot of buyers remorse.  Not the kind where you buy something you shouldn’t have, but the kind where you didn’t buy something you should have.

A prime example, these vintage bamboo chairs.  They were perfect in every way, a pair, and in great condition (even the upholstery), and $175 for both.  I decided to think about it, and left them.  I came back a few days later and the were forever gone.  Now I have to live with that regret.

Please don’t let this happen to you.  Learn from my mistake. 

I just hope they went to a good home.


  1. Um yeah I’ve been burned like this more than once. Now I just buy stuff and figure worst case scenario I’ll sell it later if I decide I don’t want it.

  2. Isn’t that the worst!? Ugh, I feel your pain girl!

  3. #1-I’m mad at you. 🙂
    #2-I’ve done the samething and wrote a whole post about things I’ve missed out on. Some of that stuff was from 2 years ago and it still hurts just as much today, lol. Don’t fret, my dear–there will be another something wonderful around the corner that those will pale in comparison to.

  4. Oh gosh…those are awesome….but you can’t win ’em all…..I like The Aestate’s strategy….you can always sell it later and probably make money off of it. I’m sure you will find another amazing something… did get a cheetah…remember? I want a zebra…..if you see one around….Thanks for your comment today….my camera is the Nikon D5100 But I think the lenses are what makes all the difference… I think those photos were taken with a 50 MM lens 1.8 G.

  5. I HATE when that happens. I’ve definitely done that before.
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  6. ALWAYS ALWAYS buy. We all have to learn this the hard way, don’t we? Those chairs are amazing!!!!! We need to go shopping together.

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