My Black Foyer

I took everyone’s feedback on painting my foyer very seriously, and decided to go black on black.  I just think it’s the chicest. And the easiest. And it’s what my boyfriend wanted.

Welcome to our home.

Design Daredevil Black Foyer 1

Design Daredevil Black Foyer 4

Design Daredevil Black Foyer 2

Don’t judge my half ass styling.  The majority of my belongings are still packed up in boxes.  I don’t even have a sofa yet people.

Design Daredevil Black Foyer 3

The white mirror was bought for a client, then I decided to keep it, and now I have decided I don’t like it.  It looks a little too Kardashian. The brass etagere is vintage, as are most of the items on it (needs to be properly styled) plus a little Target action. Duh.

In other news, the inside of my fireplace is also now black, and also not properly styled.

Design Daredevil Black Fireplace

Everything is vintage/thrifted, with the exception of Jessica’sOui” print.

Yes, there will be large art over the mantle, don’t have it yet.

Yes, the busts will be on stands so they are proportioned properly, don’t have em yet.

That is all.


  1. OMG in love with it all!! Yes, I agree that white mirror is not the best…..but everything else…to die for!!! The etagere is so good…and the brass antelopes…..and the brass body on your mantel….so good! I love Jessica’s print!

    • jessiedmiller says:

      I am on the hunt for the perfect console table and mirror replacement, plus I am not happy with the bust/pedestal/gold mirror combo (too Liberace). I wish I had the funds for an ultra modern pedestal, I love the mix of modern and ornate. The etager and fireplace/mantel is just temporary….maybe I shouldn’t have posted pics yet, but honestly it will never ever be “done!”

  2. I love the white mirror, the fireplace is to die for! Love it!

  3. I love it!!! Mucho sexiness

  4. Yay for the all black foyer! Glad you don’t love that mirror, I don’t either but didn’t want to be rude 😉 looking great so far girl!

  5. Your killing me! Those are my colors: black, white and gold. Love it!! – B

  6. You’re killing me! Those are my colors: black, white and gold. Love it!! – B

  7. AMAZING! Makes me want to move! I actually like the Kardashian mirror a lot! Haha. But if you don’t like it I know you will find something fabulous to take its place! Can’t wait to see more progress!

  8. Love how it is a big huge BAM against your white LM. Looks insanely awesome!!

  9. Just saw your article in the Ladue News….love seeing other local STL bloggers!!! Can’t wait to explore around here 🙂


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