Grand Entrance

The foyer is one of the most important (and funnest!) areas of a home to decorate.  It is the first impression your home makes to your guests, and since it’s not a main space it gives you a great platform to go bold and experiment.  I mean, ya gotta make a Grand Entrance, am I right?

Our new apartment has a decent sized foyer with original 1930 crown moldings and an archway that frames the living room.

Design Daredevil My Foyer

And as you can see, it is currently painted the standard renter’s color of Bandaid Beige (puke), but I am ready to take it to the next level.

Black and white will obviously be the colors involved (I’m so original).  And I was kinda sorta thinking about hand painting a pattern.

This has been a long time favorite Pin of mine and somewhere, somehow it will be recreated in my home.

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 6

I’m also very inspired by the fresh to def graffiti wall Nicole did.

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 7

Owlawd.  I just love it.

Or I could get really cray, like this…

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 1

But I don’t know what the hell I would want to say.  And it would have to be executed really, really well or it would look stupid. And thats just too much pressure for me.

So I could take a walk on the wild side and add a little animalistic pattern???

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 2

But what I’m really leaning towards is just completely blacking the walls out. Black is by far my favorite accent color.  I will for sure leave the ornate crown mouldings bright white.  The simplicity of the graphic color palate will be dramatic and fly as hell.

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 17

I have black and white abstract artwork going up in the dining room (that you can see through the foyer) which is painted white.  I will love looking at it peeking out in the background every time I walk in the front door.

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 14

But I have one more design option to ponder…

What to do with the trim moldings?

Design Daredevil My Foyer Details

Leave em all black?

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 10


Design Daredevil REL Foyer 3

Or pop em out in white?

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 13

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 12

Design Daredevil Black and White Foyer 16

I’m not gonna lie, I freakin DIE over this look.  I always have. But I’m concerned it’s a bit too Hollywood Regency.  I want it to look hip and fresh and after its styled, a bit edgy.  Is white trim too prissy?

Thoughts? Comments? Feedback?

And please don’t suggest to paint it red or some other whack ass color, cause that just aint gon happen.

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  1. I would say definitely go black on black! I like white on black, but also feel you hit the nail on the head when you said it was too regency, it reads too kardashians I think.
    Your new place is so gorgeous, I am borderline angry with you about it!

  2. I like the idea a lot. Just dont use a console table that’s hollywood regency too. Maybe get a little rustic with that joint, or something skirted with a faboo fabric?

  3. I love both options but I’m feeling the black more. Love seeing your apartment updates!

  4. I love the looks of black walls with white trim. I recently painted a couple rooms like that. I also love the black and white abstract pattern on the walls. That would look awesome. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do.

  5. Black on black fo-sho! Will definitely provide the most dramatic statement.

  6. so much beauty so many decisions…I love the black with white moldings….the moldings are so beautiful!! what is that large zebra wallpaper….do you know?

  7. I’m in the black with white molding fan club. Big time. You’ll be able to keep it from getting too hollywood regency with the accessories. You got it girl.

  8. Oh my gosh…..either way fabulous. I think I’m leaning towards blacking out b/c you have such wonderful crown molding. You can always paint it all black, live with it and then go back with white trim later if you think it needs it.


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