HGTV Star Pattern Making

I’m glad everyone enjoyed my Behind the Scenes recap of Episode 1!  As promised, I am giving you the scoop on how I created those wacky patters.

About a week before I was set to fly out to HGTV Star land, one of the challenge producers called with instructions on our very first challenge.  Very exciting, but a lot little hectic as I was also getting my promo outfits approved by the network (more on that later) which entailed being in full time fashion stylist mode , filling out endless legal paperwork, wrapping clients my clients up (meaning lots of instal fires to diffuse), packing for 5 weeks (including a different work outfit for everyday of filming, 8 evaluation outfits, and toiletries to last the entire time), and attempting to mentally prepare for the biggest adventure of my life.

So what is this challenge you speak of? Bring it baby!

We each must design 2 sets of custom wallpaper and fabric patterns, a first choice and second choice option, and submit to the challenge department in less than a week. The wallpaper and fabric may or may not be used together.  The first or second options may or may not be used, and they may or may not be switched up. We could use any means to design, digitally or by hand.  The images would be scanned in and produced for us.  We would have several options on paper material for the wallpaper sent to us for reference, but only one fabric option.

The challenge producer started to explain how to factor in the repeat of a patten and the different types of repeats available. I was like, “Honey, I got this.  I know all about some wallpaper.”  Just days before I had this install….


But for those of you who don’t know about the repeat, its really kind of confusing.  Let’s say this is your pattern..


This is a basic repeat…

Basic Repeat

A half drop repeat

Half Drop Repeat


A half back repeat,

Half Drop Repeat

And the ever popular, mirror repeat…

Mirror Repeat

I immediately knew that my first choice for wallpaper would be an abstract, organic pattern, resembling my beloved malachite.  I wanted it to reflect that my design game stays current (Color of the year, duh)


And also my equal passions for traditional and 70s glam design. Sort of a hybrid of these two…

Design Daredevil wallpaper inspiration

This was my first sketch, when I was playing around with the pattern idea.

Mal first sketch

I needed a PERFECT basic repeat, which is not easy when hand drawing/painting.  The top has to line up with the bottom, and the sides have to line up or you will end up with a pattern that looks accidental and amateur. Not the look I’m going for.

But an art degree is not required to make your own Kelly Wearstler worthy pattern.  Here is what you will need:

1. Smooth, level work surface.
2. Pencil/Eraser
3. Paper, preferably a perfect square.
4. Paper slicer. 
5. Scotch tape
6. Vision
7. Patience

Sketch your pattern on a piece of paper, without the pattern touching the edges of the paper.

JESSIE Wallpaper Pattern Step 1

2. Slice your piece of paper vertically, centered exactly down the middle.

JESSIE Wallpaper Pattern Step 2

3. Flip Flop the two vertical sheets, lay side by side and, carefully tape them together from behind.  I drew small arrows on the bottom just for reference while cutting.  They will be erased when completed.

JESSIE Wallpaper Pattern Step 3

4. Slice your piece of paper horizontally, exactly centered  down the middle.

JESSIE Wallpaper Pattern Step 4

5. Flip Flop the two horizontal sheets, lay side by side and, carefully tape them together from behind.  I drew small arrows on the bottom just for reference while cutting.  They will be erased when completed.

JESSIE Wallpaper Pattern Step 5

6. Erase arrows. Continue drawing your the pattern in the negative space of the new center, without allowing the pattern to touch the paper’s edge.

JESSIE Wallpaper Pattern Step 6

The pattern is complete. I would suggest photocopying this pattern on a fresh sheet.

Now is the time to add color, if you so choose.

I used acrylic paint, in a variety of complimentary green shades and black.

JESSIE Wallpaper Paint

And a variety of small paint brushes.

JESSIE Paint Brushes

I started filling in the spaces with the medium green color.

JESSIE Wallpaper Paint Step 1

Then did a layer of dark green.

JESSIE Wallpaper Paint Step 3

Then the light green.

JESSIE Wallpaper Paint Step 4.1

And I lastly did black, purposely leaving some sections unpainted so the paper would show through.

Mal w black

Here I am in my parent’s kitchen at 2 am when it was finally done!

Me - Painting

We each received a big packet of paper samples from the vendor Astek.  This was really fun and I hope I get to work with them again.

Astek 10

Of course I wanted gold, but I was on the fence about shiny, brushed, beaded….so many choices! I was concerned about the reflection of the shiny, second from left, looking strange on camera but I couldn’t resist.  It’s just “me.”

Astek 11

Malachite Done 3

I made my controversial leopard print pattern the same way, but we had no choice for the fabric it was printed on.

When mixing patterns you usually want one pattern to be a larger scale than the other, but I requested my malachite pattern to be printed at 200% scale, so thats why they are designed at the same scale.  In “real life” my leopard print would be on a way smaller scale, but I wanted to make sure it read on TV, so I left it as is.

malachite with lep

JESSIE Pattern 1

Here is the finished wallpaper…


And the wallpaper and fabric…

Design Daredevil HGTV Star Episode 1 SS 23

Coo coo crazy chic.

Just like me?

Oh!  And one day if I’m ever drunk blogging I will post pics of my second choice options.  The first set was so time consuming I literally threw it together in a few hours.  It was so God awful that challenge made me come up with a third option.  By then there wasn’t even enough time to send anything in so I had to submit it via Spoonflower.  It looked like this.


Not terrible, but not great. The second fabric was a simple black and white graphic print print.  Anyway I forgot to mention that the whole time my wallpaper was lost, I didn’t even positive if it had been printed in the 1st choice or the 2nd choice.  Crazy, huh? I’m just SO GRATEFUL it was printed and installed in my 1st choice.  Thank you challenge producers!


  1. Dang girl you really, really and really work hard on this task. It looks fabulous. Can’t wait for your next post.

  2. I lovedddd watching the opening episode! I watched it on Hulu Plus this morning, and as you know- I will be rooting for you the whole way through. I loved your mix of emerald + leopard- it’s so YOU. I can’t wait to follow along in the coming episodes!! You are rockin it girl.

  3. Go girl…this is awesome! I know it was very time consuming but it looks great. I especially love the leopard print.


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