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Rejection is always difficult.  Creative types are very sensitive, especially under intense circumstances that cause you to be vulnerable.  To work very hard on something, and then get torn apart, is very devastating. The good news is, design is subjective.  There is no right and wrong, no exact, formulated answer to study for.

Gen, Vern, and Sabrina saw the least amount of potential in me tonight, which is hard to accept.  Especially when being judged on ideas that aren’t 100% my own, under circumstances that I have no control over.  But thats the name of the game, and even if I had created something that I was completely satisfied with, it probably still wouldn’t have won me this competition. My aesthetic is not translated well television, especially on a small budget with limited resources.

But you know who would appreciate my affection for “More is More?”

Hutton Wilkinson.

Hutton Wilkenson 1

Judging by the pictures of his home, I think leopard is his favorite color also.

Hutton Wilkenson 8

Hutton Wilkenson 4

Hutton Wilkenson 2

Hutton Wilkenson 7

Hutton Wilkenson 5

Hutton Wilkenson 10

I was feeling a little bummed about being snubbed by panel last week and in desperate need of some reassurance my vision was not, in fact, boring.  So I did the only logical thing I could think go, I e-mailed pictures Mr. Wilkinson himself to see what he thought.

And he e-mailed me back.

Right after I was eliminated, this showed up in my inbox.






It’s not like he would e-mail to tell me he didn’t like my space, but still it makes me happy.  Thank you Mr. Wilkinson for making this crappy night, fabulous!


  1. Wow! That is awesome.
    Go big or go home.
    I love that leopard is your favorite color.
    You did not deserve to go home. I loved your kitchen and I’m sure ALOT of other HGTV viewers did too.
    Keep up the great work. I know we will be hearing more from you.
    Also, would enjoy another behind the scenes scoop on episode 2.

  2. Dear Jessie, Sorry that your out. I was surprised that you guys had to work with each other and not have very much time to do your projects. The designs are in the eye of the beholder and I like the way you design compared to say the nutty professor. Good luck to you and if I ever have the need of a designer I will not hesitate to contact you. Sincerely Randy

  3. I’m so bummed but you know what….it’s just so HUGE that you were chosen to be on the show. I feel like I know a celebrity and i know things are going to keep coming your way.

  4. Jess – I agree with all the above. I meant every tear when you were shown the door. Still miss you a ton. Now that all of your readers think we are secret lovers, I think I should exit.

  5. Keep your head up girlfriend! I too did a reality tv show (it aired mostly in Britain) and I know how the editors can cut something to make it look completely different than how it went down! (They would film me on breaks without me knowing, doing a bitch face — because I was tired and resting — and would edit it into the show!)

    I also know how it feels to be harassed on twitter by internet trolls, and just remember – those people have no lives and are probably jealous that you are on the show and want to throw some hatred your way to make you as miserable as they are. They are looking to stir up trouble.

    You did NOT deserve to go home and your portfolio is living proof of that. I am positive it had nothing to do with your design and everything to do with the “type” of person they are looking for.

    Just remember everything happens for a reason! This didn’t work out for you because something bigger and better is on it’s way.


  6. OK WOW. That is major. HW’s opinion carries way more weight than the judges.

    Still in shock about last night’s ep. I don’t get the decision at all. Loved your space. It’s obvs you’re one of the most talented people there so why cut you bc basically there weren’t dishes on the bottom shelves?

    You got cut before people who proved in the first challenge they have no idea what they’re doing. I know they have to base it on each challenge but still…It’s retarded. That’s what happened last season when they cut Jordan early. It’s like well, there goes one of the most talented in the group… Well played, HGTV.

    Anyways, I know you have way better things ahead of you. I’m so blown away by your talent and tenacity. Can we reflect for a moment on how awesome it is that you went from making youtube vids to actually being on national television??? Like you wanted to be on the show and you went for it and you got it. That’s amazing to me the jump you’ve made in the time I’ve known you. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you get up to next.


  7. Omg!! How awesome is this!!?? Well he obviously knows what he is talking about…and I agree with him….and so does Jessica (from The Aestate..did you see her post today?)…They are the ones missing out on all this Jesse goodness 🙂


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