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The Season Premier of HGTV Star is THIS Sunday.  And I’m in it.

crew w premier date

I still don’t even really believe it. But it’s true.

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller HGTV Star 4

And I couldn’t have done it without the help of A LOT of people.  Mostly my guy, Al.  I could never have done this without him.  I love you so much and can’t wait to see you soon. XO


But ya know what?  This has been a loooong journey in my life and a lot of people have helped me along the way.  Right now I feel very thankful and very, very blessed.  My Mom Dad, who have given me so much my whole life, let me move back in with them at 30 years of age when I’m sure they didn’t want me there, just as much as I didn’t want to be either.  They let me eat out of their fridge, and took care of my dogs like they were their own.  And God love my Mom, she is always there to take pictures and do art projects when I need them, even though I complain the whole time I am very appreciative of it.

At a young age my Aunt and Uncle introduced me to the beautiful world of historic renovation.  Growing up I would stay with them every summer in their Downtown Detroit Pre-War apartment and visit museums, restaurants, and theaters.  It led to me deep appreciation for urban culture, and now (thanks to my guy) I have my very own Pre-War apartment in the city.  I love my family very much.


I have always wished that I had siblings, but thanks to my very, very best friends Bonnie & Gretchen, I have two sisters.  I love these girls so much and am so proud of them both.  I’m so lucky to have such strong women on my side.


But there were a lot of people who helped me. Some more as of late, but there were lots of supporters in the beginning as well.

In the very, very beginning my friend Emily was my rock. I would be in a gutter right now if it wasn’t for her.  My old neighbors Cindy and Doug, helped me pet sit in the middle of winter while I was out of town on auditions. My friend Brad helped me with my flights.  My homegirls D, TK, and Marie were enthusiastic enough to help me film audition tapes, which was totally embarrassing, but a lot of fun.  (Remember that guy with the tray of shots at Herbies?)  My longtime friend  Sarah, who is wise beyond her years, always knows how to get me to start thinking positive. Thank you to all of you.

One of my biggest supporters has been my incredibly special friend Venus, who is down to do anything, including filming me on Washington Avenue in the pouring rain. So has my very, beautiful, funny, and caring friend Sara, who just so happen to also be my hair stylist.  (And trust me, that is a job that deserves an award in it’s self.  Have you seen the mop on my head?)

I’m grateful for my friend and lash lady, Amy.  As well as my bomb nail stylists, Mike and Julie.  They all take so much time to make me feel glam while simultaneously giving me endless free (and unsolicited) advice on dating an Asian man.

I’m so grateful for my awesome clients who bear with my chaotic schedule and trust my creative vision (especially Tina who has picked me up on a Saturday night when my car broke down).

Design has lead me to true friends who have my back, and make great collaborators, Chris & Amy, I love you guys.  JeffTed, Matt, Paige, and Rande, THANK YOU for being awesome.

And to my web/IT savvy friend Julian, I appreciate you.  And I appreciate this new site.

And I am SO appreciative of the support from my blogging buddies.  There were many times when the internet was my only connection to the outside world and without it, I would never met so many woman I admire like Irene, Tamra, Jessica, Sam, Erika, Lindsey, Albertina, Roxy and so So SO many more.

A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone who has been faithfully voting for me for Fan Favorite.  I’m so honored.

And lastly, I am so grateful for my fellow finalists on Season 8.  I admire you all very much, learned more from you than anyone else in my whole life and really love a lot of you.  Can’t say who yet, we have to keep a some secrets ya know. 🙂

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller HGTV Star 1

But not everyone supports me.  I have piles and piles of haters.  And ya know what?  I am thankful for them also.  They make me stronger and more ambitious.  There have been hateful things done to me that I didn’t deserve, but I forgive those people who tried to break me.  We have all been nasty at different points in our lives, and I know that when I’m criticizing others it’s only because I am unhappy with myself.  I am unique and genuine, and if everyone liked me then that would mean I was BORING, which would be the worst.  I’m not afraid to ruffle a little feathers with what I say or what I design.  If you are not a fan of mine, I’m okay with it because I’m not for everybody.  I’ve been criticized my whole life, its just part of God’s plan.  I don’t feel comfortable if things are too perfect, it makes me nervous.  A little friction can be good, know what I mean?  Like, no one wants to date the “too nice guy”, right?  The ones that kiss your ass 24/7 are so damn boring that you end up feeling like your wittiest conversations are having banter with the cashier at your local 7-11.  My guy is perfect for me because he unconditionally supports me, yet…………ahem, challenges me. (Sorry baby, I’m just keeping it 100).

So, back on task.  This has been a crazy time of my life and I’m so thankful for all of you, the Super Fans and the Super Haters.  I’m just happy to entertain you either way.

Design Daredevil thank you


  1. You are soooo amazing!! I got goose bumps reading this!! I’m so, so excited to watch tomorrow… I can’t even believe you are going to be on tv!! We will be cheering you on and hoping, hoping you win win…..such a fun and wonderful experience this will be. Fingers crossed! xx

  2. You deserve this. Can’t wait to cheer you on. I know you will do great. I vote for you everyday. Loved this posting. Don’t worry about the haters . They are just unhappy with their own lives, feel real sorry for them, well maybe not all that much. Stay happy and positive and things will go your way because you are talented, sweet, giving and have a grateful heart. What more could you ask for? Can’t wait to watch you in action tomorrow night on HGTV!!!!!

  3. Love this!!! You know you’ve made it when you have “haters”!! Keep up your amazing work!

  4. I hope one day I have “haters” 🙂 You are awesome. Can’t wait to see all your fabulous work!

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