Faceted Vase

I have been wanting a set of white Faceted Vases Dwell Studio for, like, ever.


I’m attracted to the simple, modern shape to balance all of the other ornate details in my home. (I’d also love a set in black!) But, as all three together would run over $140, I’ve been holding off…

Last week I was strolling through Target, minding my own business, and BAM!



















A whole mess geometric vessels in a whole mess of colors, one of which is white! The look is SO close AND you the dip bowls are 2 for .99!  Thats right, less than .50 each! I scooped up a set in white, and also need to get the matching serving bowl for $9.99! (Which also comes in black!)















Once I have a set, I will style together on a bookcase, but for now they are keeping me company on my desk.  One holds thumb tacks, the other displays leftover Euros from our Italian Getaway

us 2















Target does it again!


  1. Ha! Great minds think alike – I did the same thing the other day. I have no real idea what I’m going to do with them yet, but I couldn’t pass them up!

  2. Ha! I also grabbed a set of the white, too funny! I kind of want them in all of the colors but don’t want to go on dip bowl overload. They’re the perfect size to put on night stands to catch jewelry and change

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