PROJECT UPDATE: #rusticeuroluxe

Hello Hello! How is everyone?  Crazy like me?  Does anyone else have days where you work like a dog, yet like you accomplished nothing?  Yea, those days suck.  I’m trying to remind myself of the thousands of mini milestones it takes to complete a project.  Baby steps, Jess.  baby steps.

Here are a few moments of progress at Project #rusticeuroluxe

Custom window grates were installed.

2013-07-26 17.31.21

Some rug layering action went down.

2013-07-26 17.33.28

Made a few foyer purchases; a bust, mirror, and stools.  Now all we need is black painted walls, mouldings, a chandy, gallery art install, and the table needs refinishing…..we got this!

2013-07-26 17.35.02


Shaggy textured stools…

2013-07-26 17.39.05

Best of all…..we went with GOLD!

2013-06-20 15.02.17

And found the most amazing mirror of all time

Design Daredevil Jessie D. Miller Gold dining room mirror

It’s coming along slowly, but surly.  She will be so darn pretty, someday (soon)!




  1. The designs are lovely, very imaginative and original. The final mirror is a knockout. I adore it. Great taste!

  2. What wonderful taste. I adore your designs. And the mirror is a knockout. Stunning!

  3. love the wallpaper! and the layered rugs! can’t wait to see more!

  4. oh wao!!! that wallpaper is everything!! Bold, rich and so exciting!

  5. I am in love with those window grates, so vintage and modern! I also really love that wallpaper with the strips of gold, that is to die for. Great post!

  6. The gold wallpaper and that mirror is just gorgeous! Very original work! Great job!

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