How do you go from this…

Before Banquet 3

…to this?

Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Bar 1 copyYou hire me, of course.  Duh.

This particular overhaul was for #OperationBachelorPad, remember that one?

There was a tiny little nook off of the living room space that the architect labeled a “Den” but it was kind of useless.  It had no enclosure from the main space, so whatever is in there was gonna be visible as soon as you open the door and the from every angle of the living space.  So basically there was no way in hell that it was going to wind up as an office.  Nothing irritates me more than and looking at exposed wires and stacks of bills. Ick.

The nook does have a wall of floor-to-ceiling western facing windows overlooking Forrest Park, so it wasn’t all weird.

Before Banquet 1Bachelor requested a comfortable, cozy space space where he could read by day and entertain company with a glass wine at night.  AKA: A Sex Den.  At least that’s what I think he was trying to say, without actually saying so….

So I researched options and decided that a built in banquet was the only suitable option.  If I had just selected a small sofa, or a group of chairs, it would have felt accidental…like an after thought, and not very comfortable.

This was my inspirational picture…

BanquetI wanted an “L” shaped, upholstered banquet with one wall of built-ins.  I like the versatility of having a lounge space with the option to pull in a small table and chairs for an additional dining area.

Now, I can work wonders, but I obviously need a lot of help.  So I called my old pal Rande from Architectural Elements to see what he thought about the sex den banquet situation.  And he came up with this rendering…

Banquette Rendering

And just to make it extra comfy cozy, we went with an angled back versus a straight back.  Banquet sketchAnd away we went.  He built the infrastructure at his shop in separate pieces that would be installed on-site.

2013-02-13 10.39.47The fronts of the structure were stained a yummy, dark chocolate color.2013-02-13 10.40.23For a single, straight guy I obviously didn’t want to use chartreuse, tufted upholstery, like my inspirational picture.  I was in pursuit of manly man upholstery, but preferably not camo. I headed straight to Calico Corners and dug through the Nate Berkus line, and also picked few vinyl, faux croc options because that’s what the bachelor though he wanted (he was wrong), and some Tom Filicia options.

I presented the options organized in three rows; my first, second, and third choices in order from left to right.   As you can see my front runners were either a wool blend, tweed or a bold ikat/chevron, all NB.
2013-01-24 15.04.38Bachelor selected one of the tweeds, but is convinced that I purposely selected all other terrible options to trap him into getting my first choice.  Men!  I actually really like all of the options, but am flattered that he gave me enough credit to come up with a design plot.  I have made a note-to-self to do that in the future…

This is a close up of the winner..2013-01-25 15.21.19I love that is looks like traditional tweed, but is super soft to the tough.  Perfect for sexing lounging.YR3x9NGwpPqs-hV4CBdFNcMuz7CFYeQw6vv6Ft_xWtg

I had to decide the thickness of the cushions…b9pHrHGgPZ1FCrtfrll3oMUWG0SVusJ8JPynn5jiIyU

Go BIG or go home, right? Had to get the thickest ones.

After the upholster was done, Rande installed….Banquet 3

My friends from Hammer and Hand helped style the built-in…Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Banquette 1 copy

And Ted Collier painted a killer abstract…Design Daredevil Bachelor Pad Banquette 2 copy

And there you have it…

That’s the answer!

If you need help with some creative design solutions, please e-mail me at jessie@curedesigngroup.com I’d love to help!


  1. Sometimes architects get it soo wrong. Luckily you are nut balls good to fix the situation! Genius. And how have I never been to Hammer and Hand?! I need to fix that asap.

  2. Comfy Cozy Couture says:

    It looks so good…I’m loving this whole look! Fab job!

  3. It’s always a good day when function and beauty come together. Great job!

  4. This is amazing. I love the materials and the accessories are perfection. Great job!

  5. Love what you did here Jessie, it looks awesome! I pinned that same inspirational image, the colour of the banquette is yummy & I love the barbie-esque art too! {www.thepinkzipper.blogspot.ca}

  6. Love it.& love you.

  7. Love it! I wonder how many ladies have been in the “lounge” area already 🙂

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