Girl Made Good

Hello friends!

I’m excited to share some very unexpected news.  Yesterday the Riverfront Times released it’s annual “Best of St. Louis” ballot…..


…and there was a rather unusual category with a familiar candidate…Local made goodI’m really excited to announce that I’m nominated for St. Louis’s “Best Local Girl Made Good.” How wacky is that?  I’m usually getting in trouble, so I figured if anything I’m anything I’d be nominated for some sort of bad-girl award.  But I’m really excited because of the line up for “Best Local Boy Made Good”….

best local boy


Hello!  Do you people see that I’m next to Andy Cohen?!?! #HOLYSH!T

Pretty, pretty, pretty please cast a vote for me HERE if for no other reason than the chance of making my current fantasy come true.  I’m currently day dreaming about winning my category, Andy Cohen winning his, and then him inviting me to bartend on an episode of Watch What Happened Live.

I’ve fantasised about crazier things folks, just let me live my life.



  1. You and Andy, now that would be a crazy time. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you and best of luck.
    Thats a big deal and I couldn’t be happier for you!

  3. Voted and I’ll be looking for you on wwhl!

  4. yeay!! COngrats! Fabulous news! You are making waves lady!

  5. You are sooooo famous!! Congrats on nomination!

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