In addition to eating (a lot), drinking (a lot) and sightseeing on our Italian Getaway, we also did A LOT of damage shopping.  I’m really lucky to have a guy who loves it just as much, if not more, than I do.  And just to make everyone even more jealous of our trip, I’m giving you a little peak of all the swag that was brought home from beautiful Italy.

Blue Blue 3Pucci Scarf / Il Papiro Notecards / Ferragamo Wallet

Red Box 1Ferragamo loafers / Various European Design Magazines

Lips 1

Pucci Scarf / Vatican Saint Medals / Pino Pascali print

Prada 2Prada clutch (Sold out, wallet here) / Missoni throw pillow

DG 4le foglie Bikini /Streed vendor Pashmina / Dolce and Gabanna Sunnies / Colors of California flip flops (An Italian brand named after a US state!)

I wanted to restrict our souvenirs to Italian brands that were actually manufactured locally, but we did cave and make one non-Italian purchase…H 1

Hermes belts

Yes, we bought matching Hermes belts.  Poser alert!  But, in our defense, we have both wanted one for a long time, and they are more difficult to purchase than you would think.  The color options are limited online, and stores carry small quantities.  We visited the Hermes store in Rome, and neither or our choices were in stock.  Hermes produces such limited quantities of each item that it’s hard to find exactly what you want, especially two.  We decided to stop in the Florence store and by total coincidence they had two matching belts in our sizes and color choices (black and tan), and two Medium gold buckles!  We couldn’t resist! Hermes is so particular about it’s brand pedigree we wern’t even allowed to buy them both at the same time, they required separate transactions on every item to prevent people from buying out pieces, and then selling them off market.  Crazy, huh?

In addition to all of these gorgeous items, I also brought home an additional 5 lbs that I will not be showing off.  If you need me, I’ll be on the treadmill for the 100th hour this month in attempt to burn off some pasta.

Buon fine settimana!


  1. You are killing me with those scarves! And the belts are such a huge find. Oh Italy, why are you so good!

  2. Awww, matching belts. That’s just a hop, skip and jump away from being a for real Korean couple 😉…haha!

  3. the extra pounds are so worth it!! love all your goodies! now we are belt twinsies!! So glad you got it….its something your granddaughter/son will wear !

  4. I adore the pieces you purchased. Italian pieces are so well made. Well worth the splurge in price.

  5. Ok seriously….I love all your pieces. Hermes, Pucci, Prada…..B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!


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