PUCCI // Fall 2013

Without a doubt, I am more of a decorista than a fashionista, but I still love, love, loves me some clothes.  Especially fall clothes.  I wait all year for the seasons to change so I can bundle up in knitwear, leather, and faux fur.

After our Italian Getaway I am now an even bigger fan of the local luxury-brand Pucci (and I brought home the scarves to prove it!) and am a smitten kitten with what Creative Director, Peter Dundas, is bringing for Fall 2013.

Pucci 1The collection incorporates the signature Pucci swirl with beaded T-shirts, studded black and white knit ware, black leather, over-the-knee sued boots, and zebra print.  The vibe is late sixties/early seventies rock glamour girl and I am bout it bout it.

Pucci 12

Pucci 8

Pucci 7

Pucci 6

Pucci 9

Pucci 10

Pucci 11

Dudas says “I make clothes that women want to put on and men want to take off.”  Talk about bundling up.

I mean…does it get any hotter than that?


  1. I so wish I was young enough to pull off those boots. Love all the looks and I’m dying to have the Pucci Design book just b/c the cover is so pretty.

  2. Those cute short skirts are fabulous!! Can you believe my mom used to have some amazing Pucci dresses when she was young and she gave them away?? Grrrr…

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