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Balloon Glow 11

Balloon Glow 12Living in the Central West End has lots of perks – historic architecture, dozens of shops and restaurants, and being able to walk to Forrest Park. Did you know that Forrest Park is 500 acres larger than Central Park?  It is just so fabulous.

Every year Forrest Park hosts The Great Balloon Race which attracts around 80,000 spectators.  Don’t you think that there is something very 70s throwback about hot air balloons? My favorite event is the Great Balloon Glow on the Friday night before the race.  All of the balloons spread out and the operators fired up the heat, not only to keep the giant balloons inflated, but to also illuminate the balloons as the sun sets.  It is absolutely gorgeous.

I also got a kick out of spying on the party in the VIP tent.  Belle of the Ball performers were dressed up in balloon themed costumes entertaining guests near the bar.  As much fun as they were to watch, the real fun was watching so many little kids watching them.  They were all crowding around the fenced off area oooooing and ahhhhing.  So cute!

I attempted to take some pretty pictures to share with all of you, but I am still a complete loser with my camera.  For the life of me could NOT get the proper setting for the tricky lighting.  Plus the balloons are only lit up for a few seconds at a time, so it seemed once I’d get one potential shot set up – POOF!  It was gone. As sub par as the above images are, they were the best I got. :-/

Not one to deprive you of pretty things, here is a professional shot of the Glow…

2012_Balloon_Glow042smallAnd one of the race…2012_Balloon_Race210

Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride?  I have, but it certainly wasn’t this beautiful.


  1. Lovely! Hot air balloons always remind me of the day I got engaged… We were in Tanzania and got up for a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti followed by a champagne brunch in the bush where he proposed on the Serengeti. Way TOO perfect for me!

  2. oh wao!!! these are amazing!! Your photos are wonderful! Maybe this should be Gray malin’s next project…hot air balloons!

  3. It is my favorite fall event and I look forward to it each year. You got some great pictures, especially of my favorite one – the black and white polka dot balloon. We sat on Art Hill this year for the race and with the wind change we didn’t get to see them as well as usual.

  4. I never have taken a ride because of my intense fear of heights. I’m sure it’s got to be a breathtaking experience!!

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