Who loves them some JT + JZ? >Raises Hand<

Yup, I do big time.  And their new joint, Holy Grail, has been playing on repeat, as of late. I was so anxious for the video to come out, and it finally did!  Have you seen it?  I couldn’t help but notice a few similarities between the video set and my apartment.

Take a look; Jay Z’s just straight chllin, watchin four TVs. But I’m more interested in what is next to the TVs.jz2Take a closer look at what Jay perches next to his television, err….televisions.


Now look at what I have next to my television

TV bust 1Take another look at Jay’s set….

jz4Now, see my mantle.  Anything look similar?

bust 2

At one angle, you can see Jay’s collection of bust’s and candelabras.


At times, it looks similar around here…my busts

Now that you can all agree  Jay-Z has been taking decorating advice from me, feel free to watch the video in it’s entirety…

 Let’s see what other superstar I can inspire…


  1. See – You believing that they got those ideas from you… Reason #72 why I love you!

  2. twinsies! 🙂

  3. Seeing JT in NashVegas this November bitches!! I know you are jealous. Love Holy Grail. Is it bad my 7 and 10 yr old know the “censored” version by heart? And tell me, is it just me, or does it bother you a little bit that JT and Robin Thicke can look very similar at times?

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