A girlfriend asked me to help select some new linens, as well as new art and paint for the bedroom of her loft.  Duh, I’m on it!

I went over to investigate the situation, and this is what I found…Melissa Before 1I was like “Oh, hell no sister!”  I’m telling you guys, this chick is super hot and smart and fun and single.  We needed to bring sexy back.  Like immediately.

As I do with all of my clients, I asked her if she had any photos, or items from her travels, that she would like to use in the design. She pulled out her iPhone and showed me this…Mel on horse

Yup, that’s her horseback riding. On the beach. In Hawaii. And she may or may not be topless.

Um….. Coolest. Picture. Ever.  That’s going somewhere.  Somewhere big.

So I began scheming.  And this was the plan I came up with… mel room

 I really could not restrain myself from encouraging her to get a sexy, upholstered headboard.  They are life changing folks. If you don’t have one, get one. Today.  And of course every single female in the free world deserves some sort of blingy chandelier. Why not indulge while you are single? We all know that as soon as you co-habitat with a man, they start crying about how they can’t function properly without a ceiling fan.

For the walls I selected a dark, moody gray, crisp white bedding, and her beautiful photo got blown up and is put on display front and center.

Mel 1

She is holding off on new furniture for now, but in the meantime it looks great.

Here are a few other moments around the room…

Mel 2

Mel 3

Mel 5

I think the plan worked, since the install she has started dating someone.  I just hope the new room is getting a lot of use…


  1. Great design. That picture is perfect.

  2. OMG before you could have told me it was a grandmother’s room — no offense to her! Colors were just wrong. LOVE what you did and totally agree she needs a sexy upholstered headboard. Would be the cherry on top.
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. ha!!! OMG that photo is so funny…love the colors and it just turned out fantastic!!

  4. Topless photos, I wish we were all more brave. So awesome.

    Ha, and yes, men and their ceiling fans. WTF.

    It’s amazing what some little sprucing can do to a room.

    PS – loving the new site. I’ve been so bad at making my blogging rounds but I totally keep up with you on instagram!

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