Vintage Spooky Chic // Halloween Decor

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday.  I can’t wait to throw my first big party in honor of my favorite day in my beautiful new apartment.  Halloween is on a Thursday this year, so I was in conflict over if I should throw a party on the Saturday before or after.  Most of the big parties in town were being thrown the Saturday before, so I decided to throw ours on Saturday Nov. 2.  I decided to go with a Day of the Dead theme parry, as the holiday is traditionally celebrated in Mexico on Nov 1 and 2. Perfect.

I began my search for the best Day of the Dead decorations a long time ago.  If you follow me on The Gram, you might have seen some sneak peaks.

D o DAl has been working in Afghanistan and was finally scheduled to be home for good in the beginning of October.  As I mentioned yesterday, he did come home, but we were crushed to learn he had to go back. Like, beyond crushed.

So, I decided to cancel the party <insert frowny face>.  After a few days of feeling sorry for myself, I got it together and decided to still decorate my place for “regular” Halloween.  It IS my favorite holiday after all….

So, I present to you, my first holiday decor in the new apartment….starting with my spooky mantel. I wanted to incorporate the Pre-war moldings and mantel into the design and came up with some sort of a haunted mansion vibe???  I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I like it, and hope you do too….

IMG_2604_FotorMantel top_FotorMantel close left 1_FotorMantel close 1_FotorMantel top 2_FotorFireplace 4_FotorFireplace 3_Fotor

My fireplace is flanked with a pair of black, Georgian wingbacks; sometimes my mysterious friends like to relax on them.

Chair_FotorAfter collecting so many skulls for the Day of the Dead party, I didn’t want them to go to waste.  They all managed to wind up on my coffee table.

coffee table 3_FotorMy pet leopard Dottie wanted to join the Halloween fun.  She looks a little Design DareDEVILish, no?

dottie_FotorI added some gory vile’s and decanters filled with poison and eyeballs to creep up my barcart.

Bar 3_Fotor Bar 1_Fotor

I injected my black foyer with a little mystery.  I really, really wish those pumpkins were white, but damn, white pumpkins are expensive! Next year…

console_Fotor Bust lady 2_FotorNow a peek into my modest little kitchen that I love.  No judging please, it’s a rental.  The wall color will eventually be changed; but the cabinets, countertops, appliances, and tile are not going anywhere.  At least they are clean and white; a cheerful background for my orange and black decorations to pop!  These decorations are not vintage, spooky, or chic; just traditional Halloween decorations, some that I’ve had since college, that all wound up in my kitchen. They bring back happy memories and I’ll probably haul them out till I’m 100.

kitchen 1_Fotorkitchen 2_Fotorkitchen 3_Fotorkitchen 4_Fotor

I hope these images give you some chic, creepy decor inspiration.  Most of my decorations are from thrift stores, antique malls, HomeGoods, or Target.  If you want the source on a specific item, just leave a comment and I’m happy to reveal.

There is still time to get your vintage, spooky, chic on!

Images by Jessie D. Miller for The Design Daredevil.


  1. It looks awesome! I am in love with your mantel and the awesome architectural details of your apartment. I Hope you still get your party on even if your sweetie can’t be there. The decorations are too good not to enjoy with others!

  2. Irene Raymond says:

    You are such a special talent! Xo

  3. Karen Vahl says:

    Jessie, I LOVE your kitchen–it is so cute!! You certainly go all out for Halloween!

  4. Your mantel looks amazing!! If there is a mantle halloween competition you should win it! So sorry about AL having to go back boooooo….so sad. I’m sure he will be back soon?

  5. OMG your fireplace looks incredible!!! You are so talented!!!
    How are you holding up today? Sucky news. Big hug.

  6. Looks amazing and yes it makes me think of the Holy Grail video which I know you know is a compliment. Sorry about Al having to return. That is rough. Happy Halloween and Happy Day of the Dead. I’m headed to Paris tomorrow. Have you been? If so, shoot me some recs through FACEBOOK! I have no idea what I’m doing. – Brandy


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