BIRTHDAY Fantasies

Le anniversaire is upon me this Sunday.  Le sigh.  

I had forgotten that my birthday was coming up until I bought some milk with the expiration date was 11.10. Ugh, expiration date. Tell me about it.  Birthdays in my 30s have been substantially less exciting than they were in my 20s. Some highlights of my various twenty-something birthdays include a stiletto falling off of my foot then rolling into a sewer, swallowing a large spoonful of rock salt thinking it was mashed potatoes, and once attempting to jump out of a moving vehicle (thankfully, my Mother restrained me).

Birthdays are a lot less celebrated after you hit the Three-Oh No, but the great thing about them is that my family still asks me what gift I want. PresentsDing! Ding! Ding!  I had put 0.0 thought into any kind of wish list, but if someone wants to know, who am I to deny them? I began brainstorming on galas and gift and I just can’t help but to fantasize a lot little.

If I was a Persian Princess, or the like, I’d look like this on my birthday…

high girl

And my Birthday Wish List would include these items..

Dream Wish List

1. Hair Extentions so I could whip my hair back n forth.
2. This Kelly Wearstler wallpaper installed in my office.  
3. The HBIC of all bags, the Valentino Leopard Lock Bag.  It’s sold out; but if I was a Persian Princess, I’d have my sources.
4.  I’ve long time coveted the Lord Bodner Octopus Print.
5.  I really need a pair (You know I love me some symmetry) of these perfection Jonathan Adler lucite and brass etageres.
6.  Keeping on the Valentino trend, the best pumps evah.
7.  Adore these Art Deco patterned running pants. For the price they would surley make my ass look like Beyonce’s the moment I slip them on.
8. This fabulous black and white Tory Burch Baily Box for me to stash my dolls in.
9.  Needles. In. My. Face. My forehead needs Botox like Kanye needs a prenup.

In reality, I’d be thrilled to have a birthday that looks like this…low girl

And I’d love to receive these more attainable, but none the less fabulous, gifts…Affordable Birthday Wish List

1. I’ve been dying to try the Keratin Complex hair system. My friend Cris swears by it and her hair is gorgeous. 
2. Kelly Wearstler personalized stationary in Feline. If you get any of these items for me I might just write your thank you note on it. Might… 
3. I love this jacket and it’s under $100.  Al thinks I’d look like a ninja in it. but guys are weird.
4. I’m currently into X-Ray Photography, and especially obsessed with this Viper Print.  It may end up over my sofa if Al isn’t too creeped out…
5. There is a pair(yea a friggen pair)  of these brass etageres is in one of my favorite local antique mall for a steal. A STEAL I tell you!  But I’m not telling where because they will be MINE! I mean ours, yes they will be ours (right babe?).
6. How cute would this little clutch be around the holidays? Black & White stripes + acrylic clasp = Chic beyond.
7. These silvery, Adidas by Stella McCartney pants remind me of amour, so surely they would give me buns of steal.
8. Already bought this lacquer box for a client, and now I need one for myself.
9. Everyone swears by their Clarisonic Skin Cleaning System so of course I want one. Do they work?

One of the great things about November birthdays is any forgotten items can roll right into a Christmas list.  Win|Win for all involved! 😉

In all honestly, I really just wish that this guy could come home for our birthdays (his is next week)…AlHopefully for Christmas…


  1. Don’t know if you have a Cosctco membership or someone in your family does but they have an online image gallery where you can get huge prints for very cheap. Go here:
    On the left hand side under the Photography category click on Black and White photography and then click on Henry Horenstein. They have a ton of really cool images just like the viper one. If someone you know has a membership and will let you use their card you can order online (a 20×30 print is only $8.99). Happy Birthday!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday hot stuff! I hope those etageres are in your hands before you blow out your candles. Have a great weekend!

  3. I knew it!! A fellow scorpio!! happy, happy Birthday!! I love your wishlist!! I have some of KW’s stationary…that same one but with a different envelope liner…Love it! Get it. I would be dressed like that girl as well….I love my birthday too…


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