Unless you are a scardy cat, you are equally as obsessed with American Horror Story Coven as I am.  I have been a fan of this show since it’s beginning, but admit this is my favorite season to date. I mean what’s not to like? Witches living in a mansion, a New Orleans location, and Jessica Lang/Angela Basset/Kathy Bates trifecta…..I mean, the best! But one of my favorite aspects is the stunner of a set.  Set director Ellen Brill did a phenomenal job of creating a perfect backdrop for the spooky story to play out.

To make the set feel as real as possible, Brill stayed true to New Orleans style decor, choosing pieces with a French influence and feminine shape, but still had spooky potential, “Everything has a spindly, kind of scary framework to it. Anytime it could look spidery we wanted it, because with lighting we knew we could get great reflections on the walls from pieces like that.”

american-horror-story-slides-01american-horror-story-slides-08 american-horror-story-slides-07 american-horror-story-slides-06 american-horror-story-slides-05 american-horror-story-slides-04 american-horror-story-slides-03 american-horror-story-slides-02

Brill says of the white-heavy set “Every time I went shopping I was looking for something that was a cool white or if the furniture was too wood-tone we would paint it. Then it was figuring out where to leave the wood dark so it would pop against the white.” With the nearly colorless palette, Brill wanted to create a notable backdrop that wouldn’t steal attention from the actors, but also to encourage a mysterious, almost ominous vibe.

“I guess you could say you can really see blood on white.”

So, who’s tuning in tonight to get some decor tips?

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  1. The best!

  2. OBSESSING over this show and this architecture right now 😀

  3. I’m using the furniture colors as inspiration for repainting an antique makeup vanity that I have. I absolutely love the set design.


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