Abandoned Parisian Apartment // Beyonce Partition

Madame de Florian was a French actress and socialite famed for her beauty and reputation for keeping numerous male lovers. She kept a pristine apartment on the Left Bank near the Opera Granier, but was forced to abandon it to flee to the south of France during World War II.  Her preserved, and dust covered, Parisian apartment was discovered in 2010 after being untouched since 1942.  It was a true time capsule filled with treasures.

This article has been floating around on the internet for awhile, but I just recently discovered it and had to share!Abandoned Apartment 1Abandoned Apartment 3Abandoned Apartment 2Abandoned Apartment 4Abandoned Apartment 5Abandoned Apartment 6Abandoned Apartment 7

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So many covetable items I would love to get my grubby paws on, most notably the taxidermy ostrich. Ya’ll know how much I love taxidermy.

In other renews, I’m obsessed with Beyonce’s new videos Jealous and Partition.

Especially Partition. WARNING: You might want to swim in the lady pond after viewing.

I now have sufficient gym motivation.


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