Snow Angels

Who’s freezing their ass off right now? >Raises Hand<

Being Snowed In makes me want to do nothing but drink Bailey’s while watching a Real Housewives marathon snuggled up in my frumpiest of sweats.  Unfortunately, all of those desires go completely against some of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I spared treating you all to a lengthy post outlining all of my 2014 vows to become a brand-new shiny, healthy, rich, productive person; but a I’ll let you know the general idea includes watching less TV, cutting calories and overall being more GLAMOROUS.

Sure, I can turn it out when I’m going to an event or party; but in total honestly my day-to-day look is less than chic…to put it mildly. So I’m vowing to put more effort into my weekday look.  Even when I’m working from home.  And this resolution just so happens to start smack dab on the middle of a blizzard.  What can I say? I’m up for a challenge.

So, I’m looking to these lovely ladies for some snow day inspiration.

Snow Angel 1Snow Angel 3Snow Angel 2Snow Angel 4Snow Angel 5Snow Angel 71/2/3/4/5/6

They look like snow angels to me.

What is your Winter Warrior look?


  1. Crystal Northcutt says:

    Love it…can I steal your resolution because I’m too lazy to even bother to formulate one in my mind :)? haha…

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