Christine Dovey

By now I hope you all know who Christine Dovey is.  Her home has been zipping around cyberspace these past few weeks after it’s feather on Style Me Pretty.

Check out this jaw dropping home.
697The bedroom of her sassy little girl, Scarlett.5Nursery of sweet baby Jasper…Nursery 2And her college age daughter’s chic space…8P.S. I’m obsessed with those hand painted curtains from Holly at The Pink Zipper.

But HOLY MOTHER… fav space is her finished basement132Yes people. That’s a finished BASEMENT.

And check out it’s full bath and laundry room4Who the hell does that laundry room think it is?  It’s chicer than my entire home.

I was beyond jealous ecstatic when I learned that Christine teamed up with Erika to design her new website.  It’s too much good for my heart to handle.  Check out this home page.HOME PAGESometimes I stare at her site until my eyes start bleeding.

Then yesterday I saw something coo coo crazy….meUm, that would be my apartment.

Christine posted crappy iPhone pictures of our home under “Blogger Ladies Whose Work is Rocking My Casbah.”

Holy sh!t! Thank you Christine, I’m so not worthy!


  1. Thank you x a zillion trillion stars for this Jessie- such an incredibly sweet post…very honoured to be up here on your page:))) xoxo

  2. You two are two peas in a pod. 🙂

  3. First of all, HOLY MOTHER indeed, there are no words for the emotions I’m feeling right now. None. Oh and you are totally worthy (in my humble, non-design insider opinion).

  4. Hey Jessie, thanks for the mention on the hand painted drapery. I ‘m still happy to create some goodness up for you! By the way your place is amaze, you are one very talented gal!

  5. Of course she would love your work…because it’s amazing!! You have similar aesthetics too…You are so funny!

  6. I’ve seen several of these spaces on pinterest, but then you introduce me to that basement and laundry room and I want to rip everything out of my house and start all over. What an honor to have someone like that recognizing your work! I can definitely see why, though..way to go!

  7. No surprise there AT ALL. Christine’s work has been a favourite of mine for a very long time – her home is perfection upon perfection I mean SERIOUSLY PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS. I’m jealous and in awe but she’s awfully sweet and lovely so I can’t bring myself to feel any ill will towards her at all. And discovering your work recently, I’ve fallen in love all over again because it has that same rock star feminine chic thing going on. Currently wanting to burn my entire house down and start again and just completely copy both of you. (it’s okay, that’s probably not going to happen but STILL.) xxx

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