I’ve recently noticed two very different, yet similar, interiors that excited me.

The first space is designer Jamie Drake’s show house in the 1920s Skyscraper, Walker Tower, located in New York City.AD Nook 2AD Nook 2.jpg 1 The vibe is feminine, formal and glamorous.  Art Deco architecture is enhanced by sweet pastels, reflective mirrors and shiny brass.  I just love it, but what I’m really drawn to are the nooks flanking the marble fireplace surround.  It’s hard to notice on first glance, but they are filled with books whose spines face the wall.  It is the most clever bookcase styling I’ve seen in a long time.  Very fresh and unexpected, it almost appears as two separate art canvases.

The next is the California home of Patrick and Jillian Dempsey; a 1960s Frank Gehry design.AD NookThis space is completely different than the fist; neutral color palate, industrial and rustic, and filed with organic elements. A casual environment but still has a chicness to it.  Again, my favorite elements are the recessed nooks flanking the fireplace.  This time horizontal, and filled with firewood.  The application adds a subtle, organic, texture; as well as a large graphic focal point to the room.

I’m inspired. Now I just need a client with a nook to fill.


  1. I love nooks too.
    Hope you find the nook of your dreams to design.

  2. The more nooks the better I think.

  3. I adore that first photo!!

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